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Valentine Mad Lib

Happy almost Valentine's Day!! I thought I'd celebrate by playing a Valentine Mad Lib. Feel free to join in. Here's what we need to do.

1) Fill in a word for the prompts below.
2) Slot your words into the story below that!


1. Adjective
2. Adjective
3. Holiday
4. Verb/s
5. Person
6. Verb
7. Verb
8. Noun
9. Noun
10. Number


He sits across from me. He is so ____(1)____ and ____(2)____. I helped him with his ____(3)____ mailbox. I hope he ____(4)____ one in mine. Mrs. ____(5)____ announces that it is time to ____(6)____ our cards. I watch and ____(7)____. Will he put a ____(8)____ in my mailbox? I can't wait to see tomorrow if one is from him. I made a beautiful ____(9)____ for him yesterday. Wow, to my surprise there are ____(10)____ from in in there!

Here were my answers: 1. hairy, 2. round, 3. Veteran's Day, 4. jumps, 5. Rumpelstiltskin, 6. sit on, 7. gallop, 8. door, 9. cat, 10 ten.