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So I went to one of my nephew's high school basketball tournaments a while back. And I'm really getting into watching the game, right. His team is playing their heart out, when one of his friends makes this huge leaping dive to save the ball from going out of bounds.

Momentum keeps the guy hurtling forward until he flies up into the stands and pretty much tackles some cheerleader that had been sitting there with her friends, waiting for their own team to play next.

The player does everything he can not to actually land on the poor girl and flatten her like a pancake. By the time he comes to a stop, he looks like he's doing some kind of crab impersonation with his arms and legs at all these weird angles in an attempt not to hurt the cheerleader.

Immediately, before he can even climb off her, he starts asking if she's okay.

[Insert dreamy sigh here]

It my made my big 'ol romantic-loving heart give a great big thump of adoration. He risked hurting himself even more in his attempt to save the girl from as much harm as possible. And as soon as he landed, he was more concerned about her welfare than his own.

Now this kid didn't have the prettiest face on the team. My own nephew was much cuter (not that I'm biased). He had cheeks, arms, and legs full of freckles and shocking red hair. But after that heroic act, I saw him as the most beautiful boy on the planet. I had to be twelve years older than the boy (and married to a wonderful man) but I think a grew a crush on him at that moment.

Has this happened to any of you before? You see someone do something great, or say something wonderful, and suddenly everything about them is attractive? Made me realize beauty isn't skin deep. Actually, it has nothing to do with skin it all.

It's character, gallantry, and thoughtfulness, and it outshines outer appearance every time.


Blaize said...

What a great story, Linda. I echo your dreamy sigh!

Linda Kage said...

I still sigh when I think about it!!