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A School Paper Interview

I never wrote for my high school newspaper. I'm pretty sure we had one.

I did write for my college newspaper. I remember a fascinating story about elevators and I did a series of columns about my experience as an exchange student in London.

But I never interviewed an author. Maybe I should have.

Because I've been interviewed for a school paper.

Jillian, a high school student who edits the The Panther Press read When Mike Kissed Emma and wanted to interview me for her school paper. How cool is that? You can go here to read the interview!

To Get You into the Thanksgiving Mood

I shared this poem on my blog last year before my baby was born. But now that she's here, it seems even more fitting. I can actually envision my little monkey-girl doing this!! So anyway, here is a poem for everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving to enjoy. Okay, you don't even have to be celebrate the season to enjoy it.

Don't worry: it's not SUPPOSED to be literary at all... just fun.

Have a great holiday!! See everyone next month!

The Great Hollowsbee Thanksgiving

A long time ago, down in the village of Hollowsbee
There walked the biggest ol' turkey you ever did see.
With a sleek coat of feathers, he was juicy and plump.
He looked tasty enough to sink a fork in his rump.

He was ancient and wise, but looked lazy and mild,
Till one day of the year, he turned quite wild.
Every Thanksgiving, in the hours before the feast
No butcher or hunter could catch this wretched beast.

It was an impossible feat
To gain his delicious meat.
So, year after year, the town went without turkey,
Eating only ‘Taters. Yes, their future looked murky.

Because without turkey, they had no meat to gain protein,
And without protein, they were wimps, making them so mean.
But one Thanksgiving, the strangest battle was fought.
It was a war with that turkey no one has ever forgot.

The challenger was a girl named Lydia Marie
who lived with her parents outside Hollowsbee.
In only a diaper and her bare hands, Lydia did crawl
To the turkey’s fence till she was nose to nose with the animal.

She pointed at the turkey and giggled, “bird.”
Now the idea of her killing this beast was truly absurd,
And people gasped as she climbed the fence and jumped into its cage;
The news of her actions spread through town in a rage.

“Get that girl out of there,” someone screamed. “She’ll surely die.”
But no one was brave enough to stop her, and they all began to cry.
As the child scampered forth, people saw the race begin.
They edged closer, watching her chase the beast around his pen.

Now poor little Lydia Marie only wanted to pet the turkey that fled,
She was so determined, she followed it into his shed.
Oh the dread!

As the town stood near, mothers wailed and preachers prayed.
The day wore on while the little shack shook and swayed.
No one really believed the tiny girl with two names
Could bring down the great turkey. But as legend claims,

A cheer rose up when Lydia Marie exited the barn alive.
Thus, the turkey was dressed and cooked well done by five,
And the usually quiet little town of Hollowsbee
Partied and ate late into the morning 'til three.

They named their new hero, Lydia the Brave,
Because from starvation, the whole town she did save.
It has gone down in history as the day the great turkey fell.
Lydia the Brave saved Hollowsbee, and that’s all there is to tell.

The End

Oh, and here's what Lydia was for Halloween. You might've heard of the Wicked Witch of the West, but have you heard of...THE SWEETEST WITCH OF THE MIDWEST?!

EPIC Award Finalists

We're very excited that two of our fabulous Climbing Rose authors are finalists in the annual EPIC awards! Pamela Woods-Jackson, author of Confessions of a Teenage Psychic and Linda Kage author of The Stillburrow Crush are both finalists in the YA category. Congrats to Linda and Pamela!

And if you'd like to see what all the fuss is about, check out the Climbing Rose eBook store or our print store to order your copies of Confessions of a Teenage Psychic and The Stillburrow Crush today!