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Laurie Larsen's Essay Extravaganza Contest

If you could write an essay on any topic of your choosing, what would it be about? If you could have a guaranteed internet audience to share your essay with, would you do it?

Here's your chance! I'm sponsoring an Essay Writing contest. Get your creativity flowing, grab your pen or your keyboard, and start writing! It can be on any topic and it's your chance to get your work published on my website where it can be read by thousands of people around the world!

Not only that, but the three winners I choose, in addition to getting their work published on my site for the world to see, will also receive my gift of a free book from my backlist -- your choice of one of my five books -- just let me know which one!
How can you pass up a chance like this???

The Few Simple Rules:
1. The contest deadline is Thursday, September 30, 2010.
2. Submit your original essay via a MS Word attachment in an email to: with Essay Extravaganza Contest in the Subject line.
3. Make sure you are NOT passing me a computer virus embedded in your email or your document. If you do, you can be assured I will delete it immediately.
4. Word count limit is 1500 words.
5. I will read each and every submission. After the deadline I will determine the three winners of the contest based on my favorite essays. What will make them my favorite? Readability, professionalism, quality of the writing, how much the topic grabs me, etc.
6. If you need idea starters of what I'm looking for, feel free to peruse my website's Essays page for examples of blogs and essays I've written myself.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your work!



Blaize said...

How fun, Laurie! Can't wait to read the winning essays :)

Laurie Larsen said...

Me too Blaize! I'll post again after the winners are named and share the winning essays. Thanks.