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Summer Jobs

Ahhh, July. A time for reading, swimming, reading, suntanning, reading, family vacations...and summer jobs.

I remember my first summer job was working for a family that made metal craft signs (sorta like the one in this picture!) and then they traveled around to different craft fairs and sold their work. My job was painting all the signs black. I would set them out on metal racks and paint one side, then the other side, making sure I got every nook and cranny painted black. If I didn't do such a good job, I'd get to repaint them all over again the next day.

It was usually hot, miserable work and pretty messy too. I'd have black boogers all summer long (and now that I think back on it, I probably should have worn a mask, huh). Anyway, the best part was the money. And what did I buy with my money?

Books! Of course. Oh, and trips to the movies.

I have to say my favorite summer job, though, came between my freshman and sophomore year of college. A Hastings Bookstore opened in my town and I was able to work there for about a month before I left again for college. I was in book heaven at Hastings because I got an awesome--I mean AWESOME--discount on all the books I bought there. Almost makes me want to work there part time again so I can get more cheap books (sigh).

So, now I gotta know, what are some of the summer jobs you've done? And how many great books were you able to buy with all that cash...or did your paycheck go toward something else?


Blaize said...

My first summer job was as a Page at the library. I thought I was in heaven because I was around books all the time AND I didn't have to pay any overdue fines. Turns out shelving books was rather tedious (and pretty underpaid!) but the no-fines thing never got old :)

Lindsay :) said...

My first summer job was babysitting my nephew. Every summer since I have either babysat my nephew or one of my cousins.

Every last penny went to Books-A-Million. Now though, I wished I had saved more money over the summer so I could've bought a car this summer. :/ Oh, well those books were awesome!

Diane said...

I worked a lot even when in school. I was a saver. Didn't buy books much until I was an adult. :O)

Jennifer Shirk said...

I babysat full time a lot in the summer and I worked at an ice cream parlor too. :)
But the only books I bought with the money were text books for college. :(

Vampire Girl said...

My first summer job was training, breaking, and taking care of horses. I saved a lot of money and i didnt have to spend money on any books because we have a friend of the family who sells books on amazon and through helping her clean, sort, and package a bunch of books I got quite a few free ones, good ones and free ones.