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Twelfth Thief

Hello! Linda Kage here. I've agreed to provide a post on this blog once a month, and I decided to steal the 12th (ergo my title: Twelfth Thief!!). So, I'm going to boreI mean, ENTERTAINyou all on the twelve of every month. This first go 'round, I’ll just introduce myself to give you some fair warning about what you can expect from me every thirty days or so.

First of all, I love to read all sorts of romance: contemporary, suspense, historical, paranormal, YA…you get the picture, right? If it’s a romance, I’ll devour it. But so far, I’ve only written contemporary romance.

My first book, The Stillburrow Crush (YAY!), was released this February from The Wild Rose Press. It’s a contemporary Young Adult story, and strangely enough, the only YA book I’ve finished to date. The other three books I have coming out are all adult romance—not erotic but definitely on the steamy side (yikes!).

If you’d like to read more about any of my stories, please feel free to visit my website at I just love visitors! I'm hapy to say The Stillburrow Crush has been getting some pretty awesome reviews. So, I've created a REVIEWS page to keep track of them all.

Now, onto my personal life…

I live in Kansas with my husband, daughter, and our nine cuckoo clocks (though we only run one clock at a time because, honestly who wants to wind nine cuckoo clocks every morning and evening—though technically, you don’t wind a cuckoo clock; you pull a string. Sorry, I’m not up-to-date on the correct cuckoo terminology on how to re-energize a cuckoo clock!) Anyway...

This February was a HUGE month for me because not only did my first book come out, but my first baby was born too! I know, WOW, right?

I seriously can’t believe my little Lydia Marie is already two months old. Before I know it, she’ll be walking, talking, and moving off to college. My writing time has greatly decreased since she’s been alive, but stories keep swimming around in my head, so I’m sure I’ll continue to use what spare time I can find to keep up on writing…or reading. I really miss reading as much as I used to read before she came along. But it’s still worth it. She’s been a blessing, an exhausting blessing, but a blessing nonetheless.

So, that’s the basics about me. It was nice to meet you all. I’ll see you again next Twelfth!


Juju at Tales of said...

FAB post. Great pictures! Congrats!

Blaize said...

Love the pictures, Linda! Thanks so much for sharing them with us :)