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Five on Friday - The Moody Teenager Edition

It's Friday, which means it's time for Five on Friday when we grab a perfectly nice blogger or author and pelt her with five random questions. Today's Fiver is The Moody Teenager (OK, how great a name is that?) from The Moody Teenager blog (where else?)

Here's the scoop on The Moody Teenager:

Well I was est1995 and love to read. That is why I write reviews for teen books I read. Why? Because I've got nothing better to do that's why. I also enjoy long walks on pavement and rainy days, which are perfect for reading!

Rainy days are truly perfect for reading, I'm with you there :) And now for your five questions:

What TV show are you following this season?

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! I always fall in love with one of the guys but they always get eliminated before the finale (Nathan, Jason....the list goes on). And of course Glee, though the season has ended, I need another Mashup Fix!

What's your earliest childhood memory?

My face being pushed into a pile of snow *shivers*

Do you have any pets?

I used to have a budgie, but he flew away (it was my fault!) and then we got 2 other ones but they kept...umm...doing inappropriate things....

What do you want to know about the future?

Is 2012 real? Will the Backstreet Boys have a come back? Will Britney Spears ever get back to normal? These are the questions that haunt me...

When you wake up, what is the first thing you think?

If I open my eyes, will there be a serial killer there?

I think I might be haunted if the Backstreet Boys DO have a comeback--and now I'm dying to know what inappropriate things your budgie did :)

Thanks so much for answering our questions, Moody! And everybody, go visit the fab Moody Teenager blog!

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