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We've Got a Crush - Pretty in Pink

Since we're celebrating all things romantic this month in honor of our upcoming release, The Stillburrow Crush by 2010 debut author Linda Kage, we've decided to count down (up?) our favorite movies with crushes in them. So all this week, fabulous crush movies (although one of them isn't technically a movie, it did start out as one--more on that one on Thursday!)

Today's crush movie is Pretty in Pink, the John Hughes classic from 1986 starring Molly Ringwald as Andie, Andrew McCarthy as Blane, and Jon Cryer as Duckie, the best BFF of the 80s.

I love the look of this movie, especially the funky clothes that Andie fashions out of thrift store finds, and I love that Andie is independent and strong and not afraid to stand up for herself. And even though I think the social divide portrayed between the haves and the have-nots at Andie's high school is a little extreme, and even though I don't think it makes much sense that Andie and her father are supposed to be so poor and yet she drives that fabulous Karmann Ghia, and even though I think James Spader looks like more like a lounge singer than a high school student, I still love this movie.

BUT--the crush I love in that movie is not Andie's for Blane (or even Blane's for Andie) No, the crush I love from the movie is the one Duckie has on Andie. Not only is he her biggest fan, most loyal supporter, and fabulously funny friend, he's also madly in love with her. He never hesitates when it comes to championing her cause, even fighting the loathsome Steff for her, and tries desperately to keep her from being hurt by Blane. All that and he has great fashion sense--how else could he pull off this outfit?!

Not to mention, how can you not love a guy who pulls off this scene, my favorite in the movie, of Duckie dancing and lip synching to Otis Redding:

It's no secret that the movie originally had a different (and better, IMO!) ending. I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it, but since Paramount released a DVD in 2006 called Pretty in Pink: Everything's Duckie Edition I guess I'm not the only one who would have preferred the original ending!

So what about you? Team Duckie or Team Blane? :) And what's your favorite crush movie? Leave a comment and tell us about it!


Juju at Tales of said...

I <3 this movie. I SO wanted her to end up with Duckie!

Blaize said...

Yay! Team Duckie :)

Linda Kage said...

OMG! I can't believe I just now realized Duckie is Alan off "Two and a Half Men." Wow.

Loved that movie.

Blaize said...

Hard to believe that Alan was ever Duckie, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I love the bad guy in this one...Steff is such a beautiful creature that I always wanted Andie to end up with Steff and rehabilitate him into a decent human being. Otherwise, I have to say I think she should have ended up with Duckie...although he was so immature and just didn't seem like her type. If Robert Downey had done the role like was originally proposed I definitely could have seen her ending up with Duckie.

Blaize said...

I never thought about Andie ending up with Steff, but I like the idea of her rehabilitating him. Anybody's better than Blane! :)

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right...anybody is better than Blain. His name really does "sound like an appliance"!!!!