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We've Got a Crush - The Book Butterfly

We're celebrating the upcoming release of The Stillburrow Crush by Linda Kage! All this week, we're posting YOUR crush stories and asking everybody to vote on their favorites. Whoever gets the most votes will win a copy of Linda's fabulous book.

Today's crush story comes from Kim of The Book Butterfly (fabulous YA blog--if you haven't discovered it yet, you must check it out!)

Here's Kim's story:

From seventh to ninth grade I was madly in love with this boy (We'll call him Ted). Living in rural New Hampshire there wasn't much to do in the way of fun, but one of the things we'd all do is meet to go ice skating. I learned how to ice skate just to be around this boy. And it kind of worked because we ended up talking for hours on the phone and hanging out at school and/or skating rink, but he never asked me out (though I never stopped hoping that he'd finally wake up and realize we were meant to be more than friends). Well come ninth grade I had decided I was going to tell him. But before I could, this girl (we'll call her Holly) invited herself to come with me skating. We weren't close friends but I remember taking her there- she had blonde hair, blue eyes and was basically perfect. I had braces, a frizzy perm and acne. Anyways, they took one look at each other and fell instantly in love and ended up dating all through high school. I remember she called me to "thank" me for introducing them after. She honestly didn't know how I felt (most of my closest friends didn't even know) so I had to pretend to be happy for her. After we got off the phone I cried myself to sleep that night and every other night for about a month. And I never went ice skating again!

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Kim! (Guys can be so dense, can't they?!)

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Elie said...

How sad. I am sure deep down you were happy that they were happy, but that is a bummer. I wonder what would have happened if you would have told him?

Juju at Tales of said...

Ahhh sounds like something that happened to me!

Except my hair didn't need a perm to be frizzy ;)

Thanks for sharing Kim!

Kate said...

This is a sad ending. Still, it's the guys loss!