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She's Got a Crush - Poisoned Rationality

We're celebrating the upcoming release of The Stillburrow Crush by Linda Kage! All this week, we're posting YOUR crush stories and asking everybody to vote on their favorites. Whoever gets the most votes will win a copy of Linda's fabulous book.

Today's crush story comes from Lexie of Poisoned Rationality (don't you love that name?!):

Here's Lexie's story:

For almost a decade (ages 8 to 16) I would harbor this crush on my best friend Jenna's older brother Steve--a not quite secret crush that in 7th grade, his much younger sister (Leslie) decided to use as a joke. On his birthday I came over to go out with Jenna and Leslie came bursting downstairs pulling Steve by the hand saying 'Look look! Your present is here!' pointing to me. I was so embarrassed I fled the scene.

In 9th grade, after the first Homecoming Dance, when we returned to Jenna's house for the sleepover with a couple other friends, he hung out downstairs with us for a few hours. The enemy of my childhood, my friend's neighbor Marissa, teased me all night, trying to get me to respond to her taunts. Jenna told her to knock it off, but Marissa really hated me for whatever reason. Finally, while I was reading a book, she went over to Steve and sat down next to him. "So Steve...been staring at Lexie all night huh?" I was so startled I dropped my book and looked over at him--he was looking at me--flooded with color and fled to Jenna's room upstairs.

Things finally came to a head when in 10th grade I was on assignment from my science class in the library getting research done. Steve's class was in there doing research for English class. I got my work done, but didn't want to return to class yet because I had found a really good spot to watch Steve while he worked. I didn't much pay attention to what he was saying until I realized he was talking about Shakespeare with his partner and they couldn't match a dozen quotes to the plays for some scavenger hunt. Extra Credit was on the line and they were despairing.

With a boldness I still can't explain to this day, I came out of my hiding place and quickly looked at the quotes. Without saying a word to either of them--not even when Steve said hi to me and explained to his partner who I was--I quickly pieced all the quotes to their respective plays, then gathered up my books and went back to my classroom before I did something truly disastrous. I didn't see Steve for a long while after that because of Winter Vacation, but Jenna handed me a small box and card and said they were from her brother one day at lunch.

Steve thanked me for all my help--I really saved his butt! (or so he wrote)--and hoped that I liked his gift. Inside was a silver pendant of a fox wrapped around a purple stone. It would be another six years before I learned that Steve had a crush on me all those years, but thought I couldn't care less about him because I never said a word to him and fled whenever he was around. We're friends now (he's married to a wonderful girl) and often joke about both of our youthful follies.

That's such a sweet story, Lexie, but heartbreaking too! (But like Taschima said the other day, crushes are all about the might-have-been.) Thanks so much for sharing your crush story with us!

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And be sure to stop by Linda Kage's blog for her Stillburrow book launch countdown!


Juju at Tales of said...

Oh wow. Good one!

Elie said...

Great story. How sweet that he gave you a gift for helping him. Too bad you both didn't speak up.

Kate said...

I love reading stories like these. You both liked each other but neither said anything. I can just picture it. Crushes are really about what could have been :)

Lexie said...

It's funny because I only found out because his wife told me. She was, fatefully enough, in a writing class I took and we got to be friends before I found out they were married (I suppose I never connected the last name dots). She invites me to her place for dinner and BAM there he is. The two of us started laughing and laughing. Finally Steve calms down enough to explain why we were laughing and she exclaims 'Oh! You mean this is the girl I was competing with the first year of college against for your heart?'

The rest of the night she spent telling me about all the ways she tried to get him to notice her and how often he rebuffed her because his heart had been broken by some 'blue-eyed girl with curly hair'. He apparently kept a school picture of me in his wallet XD

Blaize said...

OMG, Lexie, that makes the story even sweeter!