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She's Got a Crush - The Library Lurker

We're celebrating the upcoming release of The Stillburrow Crush by Linda Kage! All this week, we're posting YOUR crush stories and asking everybody to vote on their favorites. Whoever gets the most votes will win a copy of Linda's fabulous book.

Today's crush story comes from Taylor of The Library Lurker A blog whose slogan is, "Why buy books when you can get them from the libary?" (which is a fun slogan as long as everybody makes exceptions for Climbing Rose books! :)

Here's Taylor's story:

I'll admit it-I have a crush on an older man. Well, okay, not THAT much older, when it started he was in high school and I was in middle school, and back then it FELT like the biggest age gap ever. When I was in seventh grade I used to go over to my aunt's house all the time when my parents were going to be out late. My two boy cousins were always there, and the older one, who was a sophomore at the time, would always have his friends over to play video games and the like. When I was there I would just sit and read and be generally ignored, except by one of his friends. This friend was always nice to me and actually talked to me, which was a huge difference from the other boys. We found out that we both had a weakness for manga and he let me borrow a series that he owned. I came to look forward to going to my aunt's house just because of the possibility that he might be there. The next year my aunt and uncle got divorced and I never went over there any more. Eighth grade passed without me ever talking to him.

Then came freshman year, and the use of MSN. Both my cousin and his friend were seniors, so I would see them around the halls. I think that my cousin gave his friend my MSN, because one day I got a request to add him. Well, of course I accepted. We talked every once in a while about random things, but I really liked our conversations, and the crush that I had thought I was over came back full force. He had a couple girlfriends over the course of the year and of course I was jealous, but I never let on. In the spring he graduated, and we talked some over the summer, but once September rolled around our conversations died out. He went to college and I'm still in high school, and I don't ever use MSN any more. I hadn't thought about him in a while, but when he wished me happy birthday on facebook the other day I seriously considered re-downloading MSN...;D

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Taylor! I definitely think you should pursue that crush!

If you liked Taylor's story, be sure to pick one of the reaction buttons below to vote for it! (And if you want to join the fun, forward your crush story to me at: blaizerose (dot) cr (at) gmail (dot) com.) And be sure to stop by Linda Kage's blog for her book launch countdown! Today's giveaway is a Stillburrow Crush postcard :)


Juju at Tales of said...

Thank you for sharing :)

Elie said...

Great story. Facebook is definitely good for reconnecting with old friends.

Kate said...

I love that the crush stands over time! You should reconnect :)