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She's Got a Crush - Bloody Bookaholic

We're celebrating the upcoming release of The Stillburrow Crush by Linda Kage! All this week, we're posting YOUR crush stories and asking everybody to vote on their favorites. Whoever gets the most votes will win a copy of Linda's fabulous book.

Today's crush story comes from Taschima of Bloody Bookaholic

Here's her story:

The biggest crush stories are the one who are never fulfilled. My crush dates back to 7th grade where I met the most gorgeous guy ever, or so I thought back then (nah, he's still hot). Anyways he was blond with very light color greenish eyes. Back where I come from that is rare. He was such a nice guy. A total catch, but... I never dared come forward. I was afraid of rejection and well, that he didn't think I was pretty enough or something. Days or weeks later when I actually had the guts to actually talk to the guy I find out that my sister liked him too. It broke a little piece of my young heart but I let him go. Then I started going out with other guys and slowly but surely the crush went away little by little. Turns out my sister' crush with the guy didn't go anywhere because he didn't like her... he liked me. I only found this years after the crush ended, but now we talk about it (we are pretty good friends still) and till today I wonder what could have been.

I think you're right, Taschima, crushes are all about what might have been! Great story, and thanks for sharing it with us!

If you liked Taschima's story, pick one of the reaction buttons below to vote for it! And be sure to stop by Linda Kage's blog for her book launch countdown (and a Stillburrow excerpt!)

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Kate said...

Aww, it was sweet that you didn't go out with him cos of your lil sis.