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Tweeting on Tuesday - twyric

How cool is this site? It's called twyric and it bills itself as the poetic side of Twitter. It's an experiment that searches for poetic tweets and then pairs them with photos from flickr in real time.

The site grabs all tweets with the hashtags #haiku, #twyric, #twyly, #poetry, etc., and using the tweet's keywords, matches it with a photo from flickr. It's almost hypnotic to read (and you can even get a screensaver of it).

Feeling lyrical? Want to contribute? Just post your tweets with one of the hashtags twyric searches for. Since it's a real time search, older tweets might not be found but current ones will be. Read more about the process here.

And here's a YA book blogger whose tweets you should be following: Mindful Musings (@mindfulmusings). Her Mindful Musings blog is pretty cool, too :)


Juju at Tales of said...

How fun!

Blaize said...

Twyric has the potential to be a real time-waster, doesn't it? It really drew me in.

ali said...

That's so cool ~ I totally hadn't heard of that before. But I'm with Juju .... Scary! Now I'll have even more neat stuff to distract myself with.

Blaize said...

I agree--it's hypnotic. Although sometimes the pairing between the picture and the lyric can be kinda funny :)