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Tweeting on Tuesday - Holiday Edition

It's amazing who you can find on Twitter. Here's a few interesting holiday season tweeters:

First up, Santa Claus (with 10,000 followers no less) @SantaClaus tweets about his day and uses hashtag #NPU (North Pole Updates, of course!)

Feeling crafty? Join the scrapbookers at ACOT Scrapbooking @ACherryOnTop for lots of inspirational ideas.

Looking for holiday baking ideas? Follow Cristie Mabey @thetablerunner for inspirational food ideas.

And finally, looking to jazz up your Twitter background? Check out Twilk. They'll make a composite background of all the photos of people you follow. Pretty cool! Check out a sample here.

Happy tweeting!


Juju at Tales of said...

Santa? How cool! I gotta check that out!

Blaize said...

Yeah, I'm always amazed at the energy level of people who can do things like that. Pretty cool thing for kids, tho!

Cristie said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog! I love what you're doing here. And to be paired with Santa Claus how perpect is that?!

candace said...

I LOVE The Table Runner site! So many good ideas--you're right!

Blaize said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Cristie and Candace. I love The Table Runner blog, too. Those chocolate macaroons look fabulous!