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Thursday Link Up

So what's going on in the blogosphere this week?

Here's a cool site I just discovered

Booksie's goal is to provide writers with an easy way to publish and promote their work and to provide readers with access to the best creative writing on the Web, organized and catalogued for easy browsing.

Not only can writers post their work, but readers can act as editors, deciding which works are featured, and interact with their favorite writers.

And speaking of cool bookish sites, have you discovered Book Drum? At Book Drum they bring books to life with videos, images, music, maps and other riches of the Internet.

Book Drum’s mission is to bring great books to life by going beyond the page. As a first step, we’re building Profiles for more than 500 classic fiction and non-fiction titles.

They're also looking for writers and editors to help them do it and running a tournament to find them. Read all about it here.

Over at Creating Discussion, they've got a great set of interviews with several YA book bloggers about what they look for in a book and what they think is important to teens in books today. Fascinating stuff, so check it out.

And finally, The Page Flipper is starting a new feature called Author Review. She's looking for authors to write reviews of their favorite works. Great idea!

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