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Three random things ONE day before Christmas

Who's still shopping? Confess--you are, aren't you? OK, maybe it's just me--but here's an emergency last-minute gift idea list from the Gadget Examiner if you're really desperate. And some of the items don't even require you to leave the house. Cool!

Looking for a fun craft-y activity for kids? Check out Rice Krispies' website for fun Christmas recipes including frosted snowmen and giant candy canes. And they're all made out of Rice Krispies treats which is never a bad thing!

And check out Climbing Rose author Linda Kage's blog for a fun Mad Lib Christmas and a Christmas Trivia Quiz.

Happy Christmas Eve, everybody!


Shelley/Book Fanatic said...

I'm done gift shopping but still have to grocery shop! Ugh! Merry Christmas!!

Blaize said...

Ugh is right--I'd rather brave the mall than the grocery store during the holidays...they're always out of the one thing I absolutely have to have...UGH!