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eBook Wednesday - The Noel Bandit

We love eBooks and eBook readers here at Climbing Rose and every Wednesday we highlight one of the fabulous eBooks in our catalog. Today, to go with our fab new winter layout, we're highlighting The Noel Bandit by Sydney Shay.

Here's the blurb:
Two days before Christmas, seventeen year-old Melinda Kent is bound for New York when a prankster hits her home, the Lucky Lake Ranch. Soon the welcome sign reads ‘ucky ake Ranch’ and other signs have been tampered with, including the ‘adies room’, the ‘riding trai s’, and the ‘stab es’, thus dubbing the thief, "the No-L Bandit".

This crook doesn't just steal ‘L's, but the spirit of the holidays. Melinda, with the help of the stable hand, Kyle, is on a quest to find who is responsible.

If only their attraction for each other doesn’t get in the way...
And here's an excerpt:

This morning, Kyle brought me a rose from the garden. He even took off the thorns! Poor Kyle, his hands were all cut…

“Melly, Russ, get in here right now!”

Melinda Kent’s pen pierced her worn diary at her father’s room-shaking howl. After dinner, all she wanted was an hour of peace, time to reflect on what happened during the day. Her life on the ranch, outside ranch business. She loved horses—the eminence, sitting atop a stallion of fifteen hands and twelve hundred pounds with the ability to look into the valley bordering the Lucky Lake Ranch. She’d become accustomed to the scent of power, sweat, hay, and dust.

But she would give up being the owner’s daughter and the ability to ride her Gypsy Vanner mare all day—dawn to sunset—for a chance to escape the industry and fall in love. She even had the perfect man in mind.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Download your copy from our Climbing Rose store today (or at least in time for Christmas!)

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