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eBook Wednesday - House of Wacks

So you got an e-reader for Christmas--or if you're like one lucky reader I know of, you got your choice of e-readers for Christmas--and you're looking for books to download. Look no further than the Climbing Rose eBook Store.

There you'll find fun titles like House of Wacks by Denise Gwen.

BLURB: Little did Jordan Meadows realize, when Dad insisted she get a job, it would turn out to be such an amazing summer! Who would have guessed that all her eyebrow, bikini, and leg waxes at Tranquility Spa would pay off as job experience? Working behind the scenes on the set of House of Wax IX: Return of the Revengenator, she becomes the go-to girl for paraffin wax. Then she meets Keith Charles, a band nerd from her high school. Between draping his freckled arms with wax and making sure he looks extra clotty, she’s stunned to find herself falling in love with someone outside her own clique. As filming and the summer draw to a close, she’s a changed girl, for sure. She's made friends with people she never would have associated with at North High School, but what about her friends, the awesome foursome? Should she break up with Keith, since he’s not a member of her exclusive, inner circle? Or is it time to branch out and make new friends?

Here's an excerpt:

“Come here, young man,” Rexie said, “and take a seat. You’re our first victim.”

“Victim, huh?”

Rexie chuckled. “Don’t tell me you’re not gonna enjoy it! Two women massaging white goop all over your body?”

Nerd Boy smiled. “Two gorgeous women.”

Rexie threw her head back and roared with laughter. “Wow, kiddo, you are a charmer! I’ll bet you have the girls fighting over you.”

“Um, no, not really,” Nerd Boy stammered.

“Huh,” Rexie said. “If I were a girl your age—” She massaged a generous portion of the white paste onto Nerd Boy’s face until it covered every single freckle.

He looked so strange now, without his freckles. But there was no mistaking that shock of bright red hair.

“Why don’t you finish his hands for me, Jordan, while I see what Burt’s up to?” Rexie set off to supervise Burt as he placed the paraffin wax blocks into the trays for warming.

Jordan scooted her chair closer to him, then dipped her fingers into the mixture of cornstarch, baby powder, and some sticky substance that made the powdery bits cling to the skin. She got her fingers good and chalky, then reached forward to gingerly dab it on his hand.

In a quiet voice, he said, “I see you at school a lot.”

“I know. I see you, too.”

“How come you never say hi?”

Jordan stopped, abashed. “Um, I don’t know.”

Actually, Jordan did know. She was popular. And she had a circle of friends—the awesome foursome—and nobody broached that inner circle. Including cute red-haired boys like Keith here. Perhaps it was time to broaden that inner circle.

Sounds pretty fun, right? Download your copy today!

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