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Win a Copy of Spinning the Baiji!

Nancy Lindley-Gauthier is excited about the reviews Spinning the Baiji is getting (as well she should be!) Here's what Maija of Fallen Angel Reviews had to say in her 4-angel review:

Spinning the Baiji is a unique story, full or poetry and deeply layered with a mysticism that stands in direct contrast to the reality of the modernised, Westernised world encroaching upon China. With lots of evocative detail, Nancy A. Lindley-Gauthier paints a vivid picture of Lin's life and surroundings, twisting in the mystical element until the boundaries of reality and the supernatural world blur. I particularly liked the character of Lin's great-grandfather, who sees everything and guides Lin gently towards her happy ending. If you enjoy stories that question fate, destiny, and swimming against the tide, this could be for you.

No wonder Nancy is excited! As a matter of fact, she'd love to give away a copy of her fabulous eBook. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered into the drawing to win a copy of Spinning the Baiji!

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