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Thank you for all the support you've given the Climbing Rose Young Adult line of The Wild Rose Press. Our stories are still available on The Wild Rose Press website, however, since we aren't publishing new stories, our blog is no longer active. We thank you again for the time you spent with us and invite you to visit our Climbing Rose bookstore.

Tweeting on Tuesday

Did you know that Twitter now allows you to put users in groups? It's a great way to organize the people you follow (and even ones you don't) into lists that help you keep track of people in the noisy universe that is a Twitter stream!

Just click "new list" in your Twitter sidebar, give the list a name, decide if the list will be public or private, and create your list. To add contacts to your list, simply go to their Twitter page and click "list" (on the "following" bar).

You can also check out other people's lists--assuming they've shared them (lists can be public or private)--and even subscribe to their lists. For instance, deb (book magic) (@debbook) has put together a fab list of bookbloggers on Twitter.

Or, if you find a Twitter feed you like and want to find other people in the same category, check out the "listed" link next to the "followers" and "following" links to see what lists are following that particular feed. For instance, eBook Reader News (@AnEbookReader--an awesome place to find out about the lastest news in all things digital) is listed on 14 lists. Just click the "listed" link to find more eBook followers.

Got a list we should be following? Let us know!

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