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Tweeting on Tuesday

Did you know you can turn your tweets into an eBook? Perfect if you're one of the new breed of fiction writer--the cell phone novelist. (Did you know that in 2007, five of the top ten best-selling novels in Japan were cell phone novels?)

So how do you turn your tweets into an electronic bestseller? Well, there's a web service for that, of course--Tweetbook--that will compile up to 3200 of your tweets into a single, editable document--pretty amazing! Read more about publishing a book with your tweets in this Publetariat article.

And speaking of Tweeting, here's one of my favorite bookish tweeters: J_Kaye. You've probably already discovered J. Kaye's Book Blog (everyone has!) but her tweets are a great place to find out what's up in the book blogosphere!

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