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Thursday Link-Up

What's going on in the wide world of the YA blogosphere this week?
Linda Kage, author of the upcoming Climbing Rose release The Stillburrow Crush (coming Feb 26, 2010 and totally fabulous--read the blurb and watch the book trailer here) has posted the final chapter of her FREE read Bad Boys Don't Play Hero:
Chapter Four for my young adult free read story, Bad Boys Don't Play Hero, is uploaded and ready to read on my website . We've left the hero's head and are now going to see everything from the heroine's point of view. I hope you enjoy!

It's a fun story, so click on over and check it out.
Christine Marciniak, author of the Climbing Rose release When Mike Kissed Emma (pick up your copy in the Climbing Rose store) is saying no mas to NaNoWriMo:
I've been managing to more or less keep up with the pace of NaNoWriMo, but today I'm giving myself permission to stop. The story I'm working on isn't grabbing me and I feel like I'm forcing myself to continue instead of enjoying the process.

I completely understand, Christine. If you're not enjoying it, what's the point?
Natalie over at Mindful Musings is asking you to vote on your favorite book of 2009:
I'm planning on having a "Top 10 Week" at the end of the year, listing off my top 10s of pretty much everything book-related. But I want YOUR opinions as well, so I can feature them in my readers' top 10 posts that I intend to do. In order to do that, I need your votes!

Click on over and tell Natalie about your favorite books for 2009--voting closes December 10.
And finally, feeling fairy tale-ish today? Check out this quiz at What Fairy Tale Character Are You? I took it and it said I'm the Evil Stepmother--how cool is that?
You have a softer side that you never let anyone see, and, okay, it's true--sometimes you do have a few evil plots in development; but not TOO many!

So if I ever offer you an apple--don't eat it! :)

(H/T Amy at Addicted to Books)


Juju at Tales of said...

Fun thanks :)

Linda Kage said...

Oh, I hate to be a stickler, but there are still two more chapters to read in "Bad Boys..." Four isn't the final one.

And I'm with you on Christine's NaNo. If the story isn't grabbing her, I don't see how it'll grab readers. Sounds like a break is in order there!

Thank you for the fairy tale quiz. Fun, fun.

Now, I think I'll head over to Mindful Musings and toss in my vote.

Blaize said...

Arghh! Why did I think it was the last one? Sorry about that, Linda!