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eBook Wednesday - Vortex to the Ojibwa Edition

We love eBooks and eBook readers here at Climbing Rose and every Wednesday we highlight one of the fabulous eBooks in our catalog. Today, it's Vortex to the Ojibwa by Jane Greenhill. Here's the blurb:

When the internet connection fails at their grandparent’s cottage, Theresa and her book smart brother Bobby are forced outside. Distrubing a hornet’s nest, the teens fall into a cenote and time travel to an Ojibwa encampment where Theresa finds love and Bobby aids their new friends.

When the two venture where they shouldn’t and interfere with fur trading, they put their lives in danger as well as those of the Native Americans. The teens need to use their twenty-first century smarts in order to return to safety.

And here's an excerpt:

“This dial up service sucks big time,” I whined to anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, the only ears in the immediate vicinity belonged to my brother Bobby, and the ears in question were large, elephant sized. He, of course, had his stupid head stuck in a book.

See what I was forced to put up with? A brother who reads over summer vacation. Why couldn’t I have a cool brother like my friend Eve? Her sib Samuel was a camp counselor, a hot lifeguard and the love of my life.

Too bad he didn’t know I existed.

That’s why I was ticked about the Internet service at my grandparent’s cottage. I was waiting to hear from Eve. She was supposed to tell me if Samuel broke up with evil Krista, paving the way for me to swoop in and sweep him off his guard tower.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Download your copy from our Climbing Rose e-store today.

And if you're thinking about diving into the eBook reader pool (or thinking about adding one to your Christmas list) check out this eBook reader matrix from MobileRead Wiki. It tells you everything you could possibly want to know (and some things you might never have thought to wonder about) about all the different eBook readers available so you can decide which one is best for you.

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Juju at Tales of said...

Cool. I love time travel stories.