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eBook Wednesday - Poor Me by Dara & Raine Edmondson

We love eBooks and eBook readers here at Climbing Rose--if you don't have an eBook reader, start making out that Holiday Wish List now!--and every Wednesday we highlight one of the fabulous eBooks in our catalog. Today, it's Poor Me by the mother-daughter writing team of Dara and Raina Edmondson. Here's the blurb:

When Jessie’s mother gets a job at an expensive private high school, Jessie can attend the school for free. Trying to fit in with a group of stuck-up rich kids, she denies even knowing the lowly school secretary – her very own mother. Is being part of the in-crowd worth denying the one person who genuinely cares about her?

And here's an excerpt:

I adjusted my bikini top as I climbed out of the pool. Searching for the lounge chair where I'd left my towel, I spotted old Mr. Vetters from Apartment 1-C, staring at me. A chill slithered over my skin. He might not really be creepy, but he stares an awful lot.

“You're growing into quite a young lady,” he said from his seat at an umbrella table, a thick cigar burned in his ashtray, polluting the hot Miami air with putrid smoke.

Pasting a polite smile on my face, I hurried past, holding my breath and grabbed my towel, wrapping it protectively around my shoulders.

A door opened and shut above me. Ma bent over the railing, waving. “Jessie, I got a job. A good one!” She gestured for me to come upstairs. “Come here. Don't you want to hear about it?”

“Be right there.” Slipping on my flip-flops, I tied my towel around my waist and hurried up the concrete steps to the third floor landing.

Please, let this job stick.

Sounds pretty fabulous, right? One reviewer said, "Poor Me is a brilliant book of teenage angst. Dara and Raina are a mother daughter writing team that has a great grasp on the family dynamic. " Download your copy of Poor Me today. And be sure and let us know what you think!

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Linda Kage said...

Loved the excerpt! Thank you for sharing.