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Cool Stuff for Monday

We're getting close to the end of the year which means the YA blogosphere is winding down 2009's reading challenges and gearing up for 2010's challenges (ack, we're nearly up to the double-digit years in the 21st century--how did that happen?!)

Anyway, here are some fun challenges for your 2010 reading year:

J. Kaye's Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge

There are four levels:
--The Mini – Check out and read 25 library books.
--Just My Size – Check out and read 50 library books.
--Stepping It Up – Check out and read 75 library books.
--Super Size Me – Check out and read 100 library books.
Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Sign up at J. Kaye's Book Blog here.

The All About the Brontes Challenge:

You can read a book, watch a movie, listen to an audiobook, anything Bronte related that you would like. Reading, watching, or listening to a favorite Bronte related item again for the second, third, or more time is also allowed.
The goal will be to read, watch, listen, to 3 to 6 (or beyond) anything Bronte items.
Last year it was all about Austen--it's nice to see the Brontes getting some love too! Sign up at Laura's Reviews (and find a list of suggested reading and viewing) here.

And along those same lines, 18th and 19th Women Writers Reading Challenge
Read books written by women authors that were written and/or ublished between 1700 and 1900. Contemporary historical books set in this time period do not count towards this challenge! The challenge is to encourage you to read some classics.

Now that's definitely cool. Sign up for the challenge (and find lists of suggested reading) at Becky's Book Reviews here.

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