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Cool Stuff for Monday

How's this for cool stuff on the last day of November--it's the 12 Blogs of Christmas! It's the brainchild of Elie of Ellz Readz (awesome blog). Starting December 12, each of the 12 Blogs will be hosting an incredible giveaway. Visit the 12Blogs site for details, a list of the blogs involved, and to grab the 12 Blogs button!

Five on Friday - April Nichole Edition

We're featuring April Nichole of April Nichole's Blog today for our Five on Friday. April is fairly new to blogging so we're glad to snag her for an interview--but I'll let you tell you about herself:

I'm 26 and I'm a pretty quiet, private person. I've been writing for the fun of it since middle school. It started with poems and in the last several years I've been trying to write stories. Some are better than others but it is all practice. Some of my favorite authors are Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, Stephenie Meyer, Renee Gutteridge, and Richelle Mead. Seriously if you don't know some of those you really should.

So here are your five questions, April!

1. What is something that annoys you?

People that don't use common sense and they think that what they don't get is funny. Really? Come on, just think through what you are doing and the choices you are making. It really isn't that hard.
2. What country do you most want to visit? Why?
I actually have a list but one top one is Ireland. I don't know why other than I like the way Ireland rolls off the tongue. (I'm a dork I know.) Also in pictures it looks really pretty on the countrysides and I want to see the castles.

3. What TV show are you following this season?

This is one of my addictions. My top one this season though is The Vampire Diaries. Hot guys, hot vampires, great writing, acting, directing can't get any better. Oh wait, yes it can, every week it blows me away with twist and turns, the acting, the hotness. I did mention the hot guys, right? lol

4. Do you have any pets? If so, what?
I have two cats. Wesley and Buttercup. I got their names from the movie The Princess Bride which is one of my favorite movies. Wesley likes to hide in the litter box when it storms. The storm could be miles away, coming, and you could hear the rumblings but he is already in it waiting it out. Buttercup acts like the queen of the place and if she wants you to pet her she will lie down in front of you even if you are walking and she will look at you expecting you to know what to do.

5. Would you go rock climbing? Why or why not?
I would love to but I don't think I could. I'm not an outgoing, outdoorsy person. I would like to think that I could pep myself up to do it but in reality I don't think I could. Even if I got started I would probably get nervous and some point and quietly freak out.

Thanks so much for answering our questions, April! (I love your cats' names--and I would totally freak out on rock climbing, too!) Happy shopping day, everybody--and have a great weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you and your families have a terrific holiday!

Anybody up for 3 a.m. shopping tomorrow? :)

Either way, check out these great author spotlights featuring our own Nancy Lindley-Gauthier: Tuesday and Wednesday Spotlights at Long and Short Reviews.

eBook Wednesday - Vortex to the Ojibwa Edition

We love eBooks and eBook readers here at Climbing Rose and every Wednesday we highlight one of the fabulous eBooks in our catalog. Today, it's Vortex to the Ojibwa by Jane Greenhill. Here's the blurb:

When the internet connection fails at their grandparent’s cottage, Theresa and her book smart brother Bobby are forced outside. Distrubing a hornet’s nest, the teens fall into a cenote and time travel to an Ojibwa encampment where Theresa finds love and Bobby aids their new friends.

When the two venture where they shouldn’t and interfere with fur trading, they put their lives in danger as well as those of the Native Americans. The teens need to use their twenty-first century smarts in order to return to safety.

And here's an excerpt:

“This dial up service sucks big time,” I whined to anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, the only ears in the immediate vicinity belonged to my brother Bobby, and the ears in question were large, elephant sized. He, of course, had his stupid head stuck in a book.

See what I was forced to put up with? A brother who reads over summer vacation. Why couldn’t I have a cool brother like my friend Eve? Her sib Samuel was a camp counselor, a hot lifeguard and the love of my life.

Too bad he didn’t know I existed.

That’s why I was ticked about the Internet service at my grandparent’s cottage. I was waiting to hear from Eve. She was supposed to tell me if Samuel broke up with evil Krista, paving the way for me to swoop in and sweep him off his guard tower.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Download your copy from our Climbing Rose e-store today.

And if you're thinking about diving into the eBook reader pool (or thinking about adding one to your Christmas list) check out this eBook reader matrix from MobileRead Wiki. It tells you everything you could possibly want to know (and some things you might never have thought to wonder about) about all the different eBook readers available so you can decide which one is best for you.

Tweeting on Tuesday

Do you know about Twitter hashtags? According to the Twitter website, hashtags are something the Twitter community came up with themselves so they could group Tweets into categories--making it easier to follow conversations.

A hashtag is any word that has the pound or hash (#) symbol before it. Adding a particular hashtag to your tweet (#followfriday, for instance) means your tweet will be added to the category. Anyone who searches on that hashtag from their Twitter home page will be directed to the real-time conversation of Tweeters using that particular tag.

Take a look at your sidebar on Twitter to see what topics are trending at any given time. There's even a third-party site where you can get an idea of popular hashtags

If you're interested in joining the YA conversation (and what other conversation is there?) try searching hashtags like #ya, #yalit, #yalitchat--or connect with authors on Twitter with hashtags like #amwriting or #amediting. And if you're feeling seasonal, try searching #Thanksgiving--but be sure to duck the flying drumsticks!

And here's another of my favorite bookish tweeters to follow: compelledtoread. You've probably already discovered The Compulsive Reader (everyone has!) but her tweets are fun too!

Cool Stuff for Monday

We're getting close to the end of the year which means the YA blogosphere is winding down 2009's reading challenges and gearing up for 2010's challenges (ack, we're nearly up to the double-digit years in the 21st century--how did that happen?!)

Anyway, here are some fun challenges for your 2010 reading year:

J. Kaye's Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge

There are four levels:
--The Mini – Check out and read 25 library books.
--Just My Size – Check out and read 50 library books.
--Stepping It Up – Check out and read 75 library books.
--Super Size Me – Check out and read 100 library books.
Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Sign up at J. Kaye's Book Blog here.

The All About the Brontes Challenge:

You can read a book, watch a movie, listen to an audiobook, anything Bronte related that you would like. Reading, watching, or listening to a favorite Bronte related item again for the second, third, or more time is also allowed.
The goal will be to read, watch, listen, to 3 to 6 (or beyond) anything Bronte items.
Last year it was all about Austen--it's nice to see the Brontes getting some love too! Sign up at Laura's Reviews (and find a list of suggested reading and viewing) here.

And along those same lines, 18th and 19th Women Writers Reading Challenge
Read books written by women authors that were written and/or ublished between 1700 and 1900. Contemporary historical books set in this time period do not count towards this challenge! The challenge is to encourage you to read some classics.

Now that's definitely cool. Sign up for the challenge (and find lists of suggested reading) at Becky's Book Reviews here.

Fabulous Reviews for Climbing Rose Books

Some fab reviews for our latest releases!

First, Krysta's Curse by Tara West (Whispers, Book III) got a 4-book review from Orange Blossom over at Long and Short Reviews:

The writing was fun and quick paced, the characters drawn realistic just like the kids town the street. I especially enjoyed the interaction between the three girls as well as that of Krysta and her dad. I just hope we find out more about Krysta’s other parent in another book one day. Well worth the read.

Then House of Wacks by Denise Gwen got a 4-book review from Orchid at Long and Short Reviews:

I loved the way the author showed us inside a modern teenage girl's thoughts. Jordan thinks of herself as a good person, and the reader is able to watch the doubts building inside. Inside she is as vulnerable as the next person. Jordan also learns the difference between loving, caring parents and those who try to buy their children's love.

Pretty cool, huh? Pick up your copies of these fab reads in our Climbing Rose store!

Five on Friday - Princess Bookie Edition

We have blogging royalty today for our Five on Friday feature. It's Cindy of the fabulous Princess Bookie blog. Not only does Cindy's blog provide great book reviews and author interviews, but she also uses a cupcake-rating system. I am in favor of anything that combines reading with cake and icing (the only thing that could make a good book even better!)

So here are our five random questions--and thanks for being such a good sport, Cindy!

1. Tell us something about yourself?
Hi, I'm Cindy from Princess Bookie! I'm a college student who enjoys reading! I started Princess Bookie a while ago to just meet other people who enjoyed to read as much as I do. I mostly read Young Adult books but you may also see me with a paranormal or romance book in my hand!
2. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who and where?
Well, I did meet Tyler Hilton! He's a singer and was on the TV show One Tree Hill a while! I felt like I was going to faint! He even put his arm around me! Squeee! I'm a total fan girl right now!

3. What’s your favorite movie of all time? Why?

I would have to go with The Wedding Planner. I could re-watch this a hundred times. We got a romance movie and on top of that, Matthew McConaughey. Have you ever noticed that if you replace the "e" with a "t" and take off "Mcc," you get naughty.. hmmm. Consequence? I think not!!!


4. What food can you absolutely not stand to eat?

I will not eat fish. No matter what! Under no circumstances! If you paid me 1000000 dollars, I still would not eat it. It takes me back on a sea monkey story. You will never see me eating fish. If you do, the end of the world is here!
5. What TV show are you following this season?

Oh tivo, I heart you! I watch so many its hard to pick a favorite. If I have to pick, I think I'll go with One Tree Hill! But I really miss Chad Michael Murray. I miss him soooo much!
Thanks so much for playing along, Cindy! And I love your creative spelling skills :) Have a good weekend, everybody!

Thursday Link-Up

What's going on in the wide world of the YA blogosphere this week?
Linda Kage, author of the upcoming Climbing Rose release The Stillburrow Crush (coming Feb 26, 2010 and totally fabulous--read the blurb and watch the book trailer here) has posted the final chapter of her FREE read Bad Boys Don't Play Hero:
Chapter Four for my young adult free read story, Bad Boys Don't Play Hero, is uploaded and ready to read on my website . We've left the hero's head and are now going to see everything from the heroine's point of view. I hope you enjoy!

It's a fun story, so click on over and check it out.
Christine Marciniak, author of the Climbing Rose release When Mike Kissed Emma (pick up your copy in the Climbing Rose store) is saying no mas to NaNoWriMo:
I've been managing to more or less keep up with the pace of NaNoWriMo, but today I'm giving myself permission to stop. The story I'm working on isn't grabbing me and I feel like I'm forcing myself to continue instead of enjoying the process.

I completely understand, Christine. If you're not enjoying it, what's the point?
Natalie over at Mindful Musings is asking you to vote on your favorite book of 2009:
I'm planning on having a "Top 10 Week" at the end of the year, listing off my top 10s of pretty much everything book-related. But I want YOUR opinions as well, so I can feature them in my readers' top 10 posts that I intend to do. In order to do that, I need your votes!

Click on over and tell Natalie about your favorite books for 2009--voting closes December 10.
And finally, feeling fairy tale-ish today? Check out this quiz at What Fairy Tale Character Are You? I took it and it said I'm the Evil Stepmother--how cool is that?
You have a softer side that you never let anyone see, and, okay, it's true--sometimes you do have a few evil plots in development; but not TOO many!

So if I ever offer you an apple--don't eat it! :)

(H/T Amy at Addicted to Books)

eBook Wednesday - A Girl, A Guy, and A Ghost

We love eBooks and eBook readers here at Climbing Rose and every Wednesday we highlight one of the fabulous eBooks in our catalog. Today, it's A Girl, A Guy, And a Ghost by Sherrie Kelley. Here's the blurb

A GIRL: Traci Nettleton is in seventh heaven when Brad Davidson, the gorgeous quarterback on the football team asks her out. Then she gets a mysterious e-mail that threatens to ruin everything.

A GUY: Brad loves hanging out with Traci. She’s cute, smart, and funny. But she seems a little jumpy around him lately. Is she hiding something?

A GHOST: How can Traci be getting e-mails from her best friend who died two years ago? Is someone playing a cruel joke, or does Corky really need her help? Traci plans to find out – her new romance with Brad depends on it.

And here's an excerpt:

“So, are you going to invite Brad to your mom’s annual Halloween party?”

Cradling the Cricket phone against her ear, Traci Nettleton considered her best friend’s question as she flopped onto her back on the bed and stared at the glow-in-the-dark stars pasted to her ceiling. They were pretty sweet when the lights were out.

Almost as ‘sweet’ as Brad Davidson.

“Trace?” Christine Abernathy prompted when she didn’t answer. “Are you? Don’t tell me you’re going to chicken out!”

“It’s not that. It’s Mom. You know how weird she can get, especially on Halloween. I don’t want her to embarrass me in front of Brad.” She loved her mom. She really did, but she couldn’t help wishing her mom would act more like other moms instead of one of her teenage friends. Most of her friends, including Christine, envied Traci for having a ‘cool’ mom. Traci didn’t think they’d feel that way if her mom was actually their mom.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Download your copy from The Climbing Rose e-store today.

And if you like electronic publishing as much as we do (and who doesn't?) check out the e-Fiction Book Club, an awesome blog that reviews fiction published exclusively on the Internet.

Tweeting on Tuesday

Did you know that Twitter now allows you to put users in groups? It's a great way to organize the people you follow (and even ones you don't) into lists that help you keep track of people in the noisy universe that is a Twitter stream!

Just click "new list" in your Twitter sidebar, give the list a name, decide if the list will be public or private, and create your list. To add contacts to your list, simply go to their Twitter page and click "list" (on the "following" bar).

You can also check out other people's lists--assuming they've shared them (lists can be public or private)--and even subscribe to their lists. For instance, deb (book magic) (@debbook) has put together a fab list of bookbloggers on Twitter.

Or, if you find a Twitter feed you like and want to find other people in the same category, check out the "listed" link next to the "followers" and "following" links to see what lists are following that particular feed. For instance, eBook Reader News (@AnEbookReader--an awesome place to find out about the lastest news in all things digital) is listed on 14 lists. Just click the "listed" link to find more eBook followers.

Got a list we should be following? Let us know!

Cool Stuff for Monday

This doesn't really qualify as cool stuff but I came across this article in the blogosphere and cracked up because it's so true! A Plea to Teen Boys:
I'm going to say this as nicely as possible—you look UGLY in skinny jeans. No, really, that's as politely as I can say it. Someone had to be honest with you, because it's just gotten out of hand lately. I love you too much to let you do this to yourself. It's so bad I almost miss the super baggy jeans of the 90s, but two dresses on your legs was just not cool either.
I couldn't agree more! Happy Monday, everybody!

Five on Friday - Linda Kage Edition

It's Friday! That means it's time for Five on Friday--(no matter that it's Friday the thirteenth--we scoff at triskaidekaphobia!). Today, we're posing our five random questions to Linda Kage, author of the upcoming Climbing Rose release The Stillburrow Crush.

Blurb: Sixteen year old, Carrie Paxton, isn't the most popular girl in her small town of Stillburrow. But that's never concerned her before. Her life revolves around her writing, and she loves her job as the student editor of the school paper. But when she gets assigned to interview the football team's beloved quarterback, she takes one look into Luke Carter's blue eyes and is a goner. Suddenly, she doesn't like her lowly rank so much. Then her dreamy, popular crush surprises her when he starts to act as if he likes her in return. But there's no way Luke Carter could possibly ever like a nobody like Carrie Paxton. Is there?
Sounds wonderful, right? And now our five questions for Linda:

1. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who and where?

The most famous person I ever met was Julie Garwood. She's in my writing group, actually. How awesome is that?

2. Do you have any collections? What?

Ever read Hansel and Gretel? Well, I collect little children and keep them in my basement... I'm kidding. I don't have a basement (or a children collection either!!). But I do honestly collect Cuckoo Clocks.

3. Name four things you always have with you.

Let's see, I always have my purse, cell phone, underwear (cause, you know... I'm wearing them), and my baby. But that last is only till February. It's going to suck after she's born and has to go to a babysitter. I'll miss her, PLUS people will think I'm talking to myself, which I probably will be, but I won't be able to say I'm talking to my baby anymore. Sigh.

4. What country do you most want to visit? Why?

Germany. That's where most of my ancestors are from, plus that's where Cuckoo Clocks are made.

5. Have you ever crawled through a window?

I had to crawl through my car window because it was raining so much this one time, water was over the road. I drove through it and got swept off into this really swift current. Before I knew it, water started to fill the interior and reached my chin... Okay, all right, confession time. I've never crawled through any kind of window that I remember. But that would've been a cool story, huh?

LOL, Linda, maybe you should be glad that flooding story isn't real! Thanks so much for answering our questions! The Stillburrow Crush comes out next February and I can't wait for everyone to read it.

Thursday Link-Up

What are people talking about this week in the YA Book Blogosphere?

Well, The Story Siren has a very interesting (and comprehensive) post about ARCs:
A hot topic around the YA book blogosphere... or really any book blogosphere is Advance Readers Copies. Or as you may know them: ARC. ARCs are bound uncorrected proofs of a book, that usually circulate before a books release, early buzz if you will.

Good info there for anyone who's a book blogger (or thinking about becoming one).

Kate at The Neverending Shelf is blogging about starting a YA forum.
Lately, I have found myself wanting to talk to other book lovers about the books I have been reading. Sadly, I have found no where to do this. Yes, I have had a numerous conversations with others via Twitter and emails, but that just is not enough for me. I really wanted a place that I am comfortable, so I decided to create the Neverending YA Talk forum.

Want to talk YA? Log on to the forum and join the discussion!

And finally, after blogging about publishing your literary tweets, I had to link to this article about a fifteen-year-old girl who wrote and published her own eBook through Amazon. Publishing in the digital age is open to anyone--so what are you waiting for? :)

eBook Wednesday - Poor Me by Dara & Raine Edmondson

We love eBooks and eBook readers here at Climbing Rose--if you don't have an eBook reader, start making out that Holiday Wish List now!--and every Wednesday we highlight one of the fabulous eBooks in our catalog. Today, it's Poor Me by the mother-daughter writing team of Dara and Raina Edmondson. Here's the blurb:

When Jessie’s mother gets a job at an expensive private high school, Jessie can attend the school for free. Trying to fit in with a group of stuck-up rich kids, she denies even knowing the lowly school secretary – her very own mother. Is being part of the in-crowd worth denying the one person who genuinely cares about her?

And here's an excerpt:

I adjusted my bikini top as I climbed out of the pool. Searching for the lounge chair where I'd left my towel, I spotted old Mr. Vetters from Apartment 1-C, staring at me. A chill slithered over my skin. He might not really be creepy, but he stares an awful lot.

“You're growing into quite a young lady,” he said from his seat at an umbrella table, a thick cigar burned in his ashtray, polluting the hot Miami air with putrid smoke.

Pasting a polite smile on my face, I hurried past, holding my breath and grabbed my towel, wrapping it protectively around my shoulders.

A door opened and shut above me. Ma bent over the railing, waving. “Jessie, I got a job. A good one!” She gestured for me to come upstairs. “Come here. Don't you want to hear about it?”

“Be right there.” Slipping on my flip-flops, I tied my towel around my waist and hurried up the concrete steps to the third floor landing.

Please, let this job stick.

Sounds pretty fabulous, right? One reviewer said, "Poor Me is a brilliant book of teenage angst. Dara and Raina are a mother daughter writing team that has a great grasp on the family dynamic. " Download your copy of Poor Me today. And be sure and let us know what you think!

Tweeting on Tuesday

Did you know you can turn your tweets into an eBook? Perfect if you're one of the new breed of fiction writer--the cell phone novelist. (Did you know that in 2007, five of the top ten best-selling novels in Japan were cell phone novels?)

So how do you turn your tweets into an electronic bestseller? Well, there's a web service for that, of course--Tweetbook--that will compile up to 3200 of your tweets into a single, editable document--pretty amazing! Read more about publishing a book with your tweets in this Publetariat article.

And speaking of Tweeting, here's one of my favorite bookish tweeters: J_Kaye. You've probably already discovered J. Kaye's Book Blog (everyone has!) but her tweets are a great place to find out what's up in the book blogosphere!

Cool stuff for Monday

I don't know if this qualifies as cool stuff or just really cool news--but two of our Climbing Rose books have been nominated for Cybils! (That's the Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards, of course!)

When Mike Kissed Emma by Christine Marciniak is a nominee in the Young Adult Fiction category.
Emma Landon has a plan: she's going to be in the high school musical and sing the most romantic song possible to her boyfriend. She's not looking for the lead, just a decent part where she and Trevor can dance together on stage. The plan starts to unravel when she gets the starring role, and playing opposite her is not her perfect boyfriend, but the school loner, Biker Mike. When Mike kisses Emma at the school dance, everything changes. Emma must figure out what is more important-the way things look or something deeper.

And I Was a Teenage Alien by Jane Greenhill is a nominee in the Fantasy/Science Fiction category:

Oas is sent from her home planet of Zorca-twenty-three to rescue her brother Ralb from the worst humanoid known in the solar system-a teenage girl. With her traveling companions, Rotsen, a plant with an attitude who watches too many Sopranos reruns, and Lehcarr, a Venus Fly Trap with the habit of eating her friends, they set out to find Ralb. Traveling through a black hole, Oas is transformed from her ananoid shape into a teenage humanoid, becoming what she fears most-a teenager. They land in Bedrocktown to find the teenagers aren't as bad as they feared-they're worse. Zen her handler has warned her to stay away from pizza and popcorn but she tries both, with horrible results. She needs to find her brother, figure out how humans kiss, save the town from an E. coli outbreak, and meet Johnny Depp, not necessarily in that order. Then all she has to do is find her way home, but are her ties to Earth too strong?

I'd say that's pretty cool stuff for a Monday! If your Monday could use some cool stuff, pick up copies of both books in our Climbing Rose store!

Blog Winners - and National Bookstore Day

Congratulations to our blog winners! Last week during our Halloween celebration, Kimberlee R. Mendoza gave away a copy of her Halloween eBook Trick to Treat to:

and on Wednesday, Nancy Lindley-Gauthier gave away a copy of her eBook Spinning the Baiji to:

Congrats to both our winners--I know you'll love those stories!

And today is National Bookstore Day! Sponsored by Publishers Weekly, it's meant to promote independent bookstores and encourage people to buy books. Both things we're greatly in favor of here at Climbing Rose! So, check out this article, and head to a bookstore in your area to buy a book (especially if it's a Climbing Rose book!) Have a great weekend, everybody!

Five on Friday - Amy of "Addicted to Books" Edition

If it's Friday, it must be time for our Five on Friday interview! (OK, this is only our second one, but I'm going to pretend it's a tradition!)

Today, we're posing our Five random questions to Amy of Addicted to Books. If you haven't checked out Amy's blog, you should. She is 16, loves YA (of course!) and loves blogging about all the great books she reads.

So, thanks for playing along, Amy. Here are your five random questions:

  1. What do you do when you're bored?

    I usually draw doodles and write my name over and over. Don't ask me why I write my name when I'm bored, I don't even know. :-D My sisters tease me all the time saying, "Are you afraid you'll forget it?"
    I also bite my nails and scratch my eyebrows. As a result, I have virtually no nails and my brows are distinctly sparse looking ;-D

  2. What's the last food that you ate?

    I just ate 2 homemade (yes I made them-took me two hours!) cranberry bread shaped into muffins with chocolate chips and melted icing on top. Delish. :) The fact that I only ate two is actually quite an accomplishment for my self-control. Yesterday I had nine LOL. They're SO GOOD though!

  3. What country do you most want to visit? Why?

    Easy. Germany. I'd love to visit b/c I can partially speak the language, and they have less pollution there. Plus it's just such a cool-looking place. The shops remind me of castles for some odd reason, and I secretly want to own a castle, so that could be part of the reason...

  4. When is the last time you ran? Why?

    When I was 10. Just joking. Or am I?
    I have not run any long distances for a while. I'm naturally skinny, but just walking up stairs can get me winded.
    Exercise = Torture.

  5. What is the last play you saw?

    I love watching plays. I saw Scrooge-which was so awesome. There were these hologram ghosts, and they could fly. They seemed so real. The guy next to me was hiding behind his mother and he was my age :-D That was funny. I think the last one I saw though was Anne Frank (who I AM UTTERLY fascinated by) It was a really high quality play.

Thanks for answering our questions, Amy! (And I'm with you on the exercise thing!) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday Link-up

What are Climbing Rose authors talking about this week? Well Linda Kage, author of our upcoming release The Stillburrow Crush is blogging about ribs...sort of:
I watched the television show Accidentally On Purpose the other night. The heroine was chowing down on ribs (smart woman) when she felt her baby's first stirring. She exclaimed, "The baby likes ribs... or doesn't.... Ooooh. Baby's first opinion." I totally understood.

Christine Marciniak, author of When Mike Kissed Emma, is blogging about almost meeting goals:
I've discovered that goals are harder to meet when you have a cold. (I'm sure I'm not the first to discover this, and this probably isn't the first time I've realized it either.)

(Hope you feel better soon, Christine!)

And June Sproat, author of Ordinary Me, is tweeting about eBook readers:
So, who, besides me, wants a Nook??

Christmas list in the making, maybe? (Hmm...maybe I should add the Nook to my Christmas list. I'm pretty happy with my Kindle but you can never have too many e-readers!)

And out in the YA blogosphere, Taste Life Twice is challenging your creative writing skills:
Tell a story in 100 words or less. Use the words: cocoa, chapstick, and hollow.

Check it out to read their entry, then post one of your own!

Win a Copy of Spinning the Baiji!

Nancy Lindley-Gauthier is excited about the reviews Spinning the Baiji is getting (as well she should be!) Here's what Maija of Fallen Angel Reviews had to say in her 4-angel review:

Spinning the Baiji is a unique story, full or poetry and deeply layered with a mysticism that stands in direct contrast to the reality of the modernised, Westernised world encroaching upon China. With lots of evocative detail, Nancy A. Lindley-Gauthier paints a vivid picture of Lin's life and surroundings, twisting in the mystical element until the boundaries of reality and the supernatural world blur. I particularly liked the character of Lin's great-grandfather, who sees everything and guides Lin gently towards her happy ending. If you enjoy stories that question fate, destiny, and swimming against the tide, this could be for you.

No wonder Nancy is excited! As a matter of fact, she'd love to give away a copy of her fabulous eBook. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered into the drawing to win a copy of Spinning the Baiji!

The Young Adult Novel Discovery Competition & NaNoWriMo's Young Writers Program

So you're all set for NaNoWriMo, but have you thought about what you're going to do with your novel-in-a-month? Well, here's an idea for your YA novel (you are writing YA, right?) It's the Young Adult Novel Discovery Competition!
Serendipity Literary Agency, in collaboration with Sourcebooks and Gotham Writers' Workshop, is hosting its first Young Adult Novel Discovery Competition for a chance to win a one-on-one consultation with one of New York's leading YA literary agents!

If you've written a novel for young adults—or have an idea for one that you would like to write—we invite you to enter our contest. Simply submit only an enticing title along with the first 250 words from the opening of your original YA novel using the form below. There's no entry fee or purchase requirement.
Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well, it gets better!

The Top Five Entrants (including the Grand Prize winner) will receive a 15-minute, one-on-one pitch session with Regina Brooks, one of New York’s premier literary agents for young adult books. They will also receive commentary on their submissions by editors at HarperCollins, Penguin, Harlequin, Random House, and Sourcebooks and receive a one-year subscription to The Writer magazine.
The contest is open to writers 13 years of age and older and is being held in conjunction with NaNoWriMo so you can submit your entry anytime between November 1 and 11:59PM (ET) on November 30. So don't just sit there...write! And to connect with like-minded young writers, sign up for NaNoWriMo's Young Writers Program here.

(And if you need some YA inspiration, maybe check out the great titles in our Climbing Rose store!)

Cool Stuff for Monday

NaNoWriMo started yesterday--can you just hear the keyboards rattling? Christine Marciniak, Climbing Rose author of When Mike Kissed Emma, is participating. You can follow her odyssey on her Simply Put blog or follow the entire world's progress on the NaNoWriMo scoreboard (how cool is that?)

And here's another cool idea-- it's the Buy Books for the Holidays site. Sponsored by a dedicated group of book bloggers, the site hopes to encourage people to give books as presents this holiday season (and we're certainly in favor of that here at Climbing Rose!). You can sign up as a book fan, follow them on twitter, and find out about Indie bookstores to support. Pretty cool! (And don't forget to grab a badge to post on your site!)