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Win a free story from Nancy Lindley-Gauthier!

Our guest blogger this week is Nancy Lindley-Gauthier, author of our next release Spinning the Baiji. Take it away, Nancy...!

I am Beyond Excited to be announcing the release of my short e-story, Spinning the Baiji, due out on October 7th!

Romance blends with a world that is slowly slipping into myth, along the very contemporary shorelines of the Great Yangtze River. In Spinning, Lin confronts the loss of centuries of culture and tradition - and not in a vague, it's-a-shame sort of way. Her home will disappear beneath the rising waters caused by the Three Gorges Dam. Her friends, the gentle Baiji that play along the river's edge, are desperately trying to escape. And, impossibly, Sunlee, the one man she could only and ever love... will leave also, abandoning this idyllic world for the hustle and bustle of Wuhan City.

Her grandfather merely tells her of how dragons became myth. Lin wishes desperately for the magic of the ancients, to spin a way to save them all. (thanks to Yahoo image for the baiji image)

In the endless rush of today's world - I wonder if it will be only a few short years before people dismiss the memories of the reatures that were clever neighbors for centuries? Will the Baiji become merely myth? Steal a tiny moment from your day, and drift along the Yangtze in this video...

Leave me a comment on your favorite bit of scenery along the Yangtze, & you might be selected to win a free e-copy of Spinning the Baiji! Do check back tomorrow- Prizes all week!

Thanks, Nancy--what a beautiful video! Can't wait for Spinning to come out on Wednesday!


Sue Greenberg said...

Wow! Looks like a real page turner. I always look forward to your stories--they never fail to pull me in! The video was lovely, also. Did you see the documentary film about the Three Gorges Dam? It showed how the dam was affecting the lives of the people along the river. They didn't mention the dolphins though. Didn't know there were dolphins in that river. Looking forward to the new story's release. Sue Greenberg

Debra St. John said...

Your book sounds fabulous. I love the cover. Congrats on its upcoming release!

Anonymous said...

Wow: Deb, congrats on your best selling debut!
and - thanks for your comment! (you too, Sue!) Sue i have your email - Deb, if you send me yours, I will send you a free winning copy of Spinning the Baiji.
Thanks so much for visiting the blog

Juju at Tales of said...

I recently read and LOVED this story. I will be posting my review real soon.

Blaize said...

So glad to hear that, Juju! Can't wait to read your review!