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Whispers, Halloween, and Dead Cats

Who doesn't love Halloween? Candy, costumes, and all kinds of paranormal fun. At Climbing Rose and we want to help you get into the ghostly spirit and what could be more Halloween-ish than cats? Except maybe dead cats? How about dead cats that smell?
Krysta Richards thought she was cursed with her ability to see spirits of the dead. Then her life goes from bad to worse when her psychic sense of smell kicks in. What's a girl to do when the neighbor's dead cat uses her expensive new shoes as his personal litter-box?
That's the blurb for Dead Cat Smell, a terrific Free Read from Tara West, author of the Whispers series. Here's an excerpt:

My neighbor’s cat, Tinkles, peed all over my new shoes.

That wasn’t the worst of it.

Tinkles died two years ago when he made the mistake of rummaging through the Whitstone’s garbage can.

The Whitstones, who lived across the street, had just adopted a dog. Brutus was a beast—all temper and teeth, no remorse. In a matter of seconds, Tinkles was toast.

But the cat’s spirit still liked to invade my closet and pee on my shoes. Not my old gym sneakers, not my wedges with scuffed heels. No, he had to pick the shoes that cost me two months’ babysitting money.

And the worst part, I couldn’t tell Brutus to fix the problem.

How do you kill a dead cat?

Want to read the whole thing? (You know you do!) Download it for Free here. And check out the entire Whispers series, Sophie's Secret, Don't Tell Mother, and Krysta's Curse in the Climbing Rose store.

And after you read Dead Can't Smell, be sure to leave me a comment telling me what you think about it. Everyone who comments this week will be entered into a drawing to win Kimberlee R. Mendoza's Halloween eBook Trick to Treat!


Linda Kage said...

Tinkles is a great name for a cat with urinary problems. Love it. Thanks.

Blaize said...

Thanks for stopping by, Linda! Glad you liked the story :)

Tamra said...

Hi, thanks Linda. I couldn't stop by the other day because of the storms here.

:) T.