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More free stuff from Nancy Lindley-Gauthier!

We're wrapping up a fabulous week with Nancy Lindley-Gauthier, author of our newest release, Spinning the Baiji. Turns out, it's not just dolphins she loves, she also loves horses! Take it away, Nancy:
Dressage Cowboy is another short-short story of mine, offered by The Wild Rose Press. Did I mention I love horses? This story features a nervous exhibitor and her fabulous mare, about to attempt second level. It doesn't really matter what kind of riding you do. If you train an animal, you understand how sometimes, things might not go according to plan. You ask for a shoulder in, but the horse stumbles on the first stride, and you are half-way down the long side before you actually get a correct shoulder-in... Is it only tougher if you're audience includes a really (really) handsome man?

This story got some great reviews, short though it is. Here's a bit from its 5-star review:

"Lindley-Gauthier shows she knows her way round the ring and romance all in one fell swoop. Great read." (K.B.)

Do you love horses, too? Or have another favorite animal? Leave a comment and you may be selected to win a free copy of Spinning the Baiji!

Thanks, Nancy. And we already have two winners to announce. Deb St. John and Sue Greenberg have each one a FREE Copy of the new release, Spinning the Baiji. Deb and Sue, just send an e-mail to me at blaizerose [dot] cr [at] gmail [dot] com to claim your prize.

Two more chances to win this week! Just leave a comment on this post!


Kate said...

I don't really have a favourite animal. I love most animals :)

Blaize said...

I don't really have a favorite either, Kate. Maybe some least favorite, if spiders count as animals :)


My favorite animal is the whale because they are so big. They are awesome.

loretta canton

Melanie Mastracola said...

I love horses. And i absolutely love my horse, and I hate it when Im trying to get her to put her shoulder in and she doesnt do it, It drives me insane! thats why Im sticking to Show Jumping and not Dressage.