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Tweeting on Tuesday

Do you Twitter? Do you like it? Do you think it's a waste of time?

I'm on the fence about it myself--I can see the appeal of it and I think it can be fun--but I can also see what a giant time-vacuum Twitter can be. Miley Cyrus recently (and famously) deleted her Twitter account because she thought it was providing too much tabloid fodder (or at least that's what she raps about in this video). I don't really have that problem since for some reason tabloids are not interested in my life but one thing I do enjoy about Twitter is how easy it makes it to connect with some of my favorite authors. Including some of our Climbing Rose authors:

Christine Marciniak, author of When Mike Kissed Emma, tweets as ckmarciniak
Linda Kage, author of next year's The Stillburrow Crush, tweets as lindakage
Kiki Lon, author of Enter the Parrot, tweets as kikilon
And I love the quirky tweeters you can find, like the Jane Austen Quote of the Day (and who doesn't need a little Jane Austen every day?)

I also love all the tools that have sprung up around the idea of microblogging. Like this one, Trendsmap. It's a real-time look at local twitter trends. Want to know what's on the mind of twitterers in Pascagoula? Trendsmap is the place to find out. Or pick a particular topic and watch the tweets in real-time. Pretty cool!

So do you Twitter? Leave me a comment and tell me how you like it (or why you don't!)

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Kate said...

I do Twitter very rarely. I don't see the appeal of it really. I'm hardly on it.