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Release day for Spinning the Baiji!

Today's the day! Spinning the Baiji by Nancy Lindley-Gauthier is available in eBook and today, Nancy is blogging about how her love for endangered animals led her to write about the baiji:

Spinning the Baiji is a lyrical, old-style romance that happens in the all-too contemporary world. While taking a moment to regret changes, its important to look ahead. Are there things we can do now - today, this week - that might make a difference to creatures still among us?

The Ganges River dolphin is down to a very few thousand, at best. These gentle creatures have evolved over millennia - and are important contributors to environments not only in China but in some rivers of India, as well.

I must confess to a great admiration for some of our leading voices in saving animals and the environment. John Muir, at the turn of the century, led the charge to save land as national parks. It is thanks to him and all the people who believed and supported his efforts, that we still have places like Yellowstone. Jacques Cousteau brought the ocean home to many of us. Jane Goodall, Steve Irwin are just a couple more that pop into mind as folks who dedicated themselves to saving particular species. Yet, for every famous leader - there are thousands who support their efforts, share information, join foundations, and it is those smaller efforts that cause real changes in our world. You have to be single-mindedly devoted to have impact. I hope my stories might be like tiny stones that send out ripples... ripples that remind readers to reach out to support the world around them.

I hope my love of dolphins shines through here...and although its too late for the Baiji.... I hope to generate a little interest in the survival of the very gentle Ganges River Dolphins. Check this article out for ways you can help.

Are you especially interested in a a particular, threatened species? Please share some info in the comments section here. A copy of Spinning goes to some lucky commenter.

That's so sad about the baiji, Nancy. Thanks for telling us about the Ganges River dolphins. And I hope everyone will download a copy of your lovely story!


Linda Kage said...

Congrats to Nancy! Here's to many sales. Cheers.


You hear about so many endangered animals. It nice of you to write and inform people.

loretta canton

Kate said...

Congratulations to Nacy =D

Mary Ricksen said...

Good luck and many sales.
Congrats Nancy.