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Ghost Stories - just in time for Halloween!

In Krysta's Curse, Book III of Tara West's Whispers series, Krysta Richards has a ghost problem--and it's not just because it's Halloween!

Here's the blurb: Everything about Krysta Richards is wrong, from her short height to her unmanageable hair. Her ability to talk to spirits doesn’t help things, either. Her physical flaws don’t seem to matter to Bryon, her lab partner. Just as the chemistry between them is about to ignite, a homicide detective asks her to summon a murder victim, her drunk father suddenly takes an interest in her life and her dead friends enlist her in a crusade to save their decrepit cemetery. She dreams of gracing the cover of Cosmo, but if she can't get her life back to normal, she’ll be labeled the poster child for Weirdo.

And here's an excerpt:
Swallowing back the rising bile, I cleared my throat. “What's wrong?”

“Sunny was murdered last night.”

The finality of AJ's words sliced through my stomach like a cold, hard blade.

“Krysta, are you okay?” Sophie asked, but her voice sounded distant, like she was in a dream.

Maybe that's what this was, just a bad dream.

I closed my eyes, wishing everything would return to normal. But in my mind I saw her, face and neck blotched with bruises, staring blankly at the wall behind me. “Poor Sunny,” I breathed while opening my eyes.

“I-I wonder who did it?” Sophie stammered.

“Her boyfriend.” I said through the hollow ache in my chest. Yeah, she was rude, but she didn't deserve to die.

Tilting her head, Sophie looked at me with a quizzical expression. “How do you know?”

Sunny's haunting words came rushing back to me. "It was my boyfriend. He did it." Leveling each of them a hardened stare, I saw recognition flash in their eyes. Choking back the emotion in my throat, I spoke through a whisper. “She told me last night.”

Sounds spooky, doesn't it? Perfect for Halloween, right? So pick up your copy in the Climbing Rose store today--and download Dead Cat Smell, also featuring Krysta Richards, for free! And don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me what you think. One of this week's commenters will win a copy of Kimberlee R. Mendoza's Halloween eBook Trick to Treat!


ali said...

Ooh! That does sound wonderfully spooky!

Thanks for the review AND the recommendation!

Blaize said...

You're welcome, Ali! Thanks for stopping by!