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Five on Friday - Halloween Edition

We're starting a new feature here at Climbing Rose called Five on Friday. We pose five random (and sometimes silly) questions to a blogger or an author hoping to find out something fun or unusual about them.

Today's edition of Five on Friday puts Climbing Rose author Kimberlee R. Mendoza on the spot. Kimberlee is the author of the Russell Family series and of the Halloween eBook, Trick to Treat, we're giving away to a commenter this week.

Kimberlee, thanks for stopping by and for answering our questions! Here goes:

1. What's your biggest pet peeve?

Waiting! I hate waiting. If I say 4:00 pm, I don't expect the person to be there at 3:58 pm, and I'll be a bear if they're there at 4:05 pm. So everyone who knows me knows to be on time or call so I'm not pacing the dirt, pulling bark off trees :)

2. What's the best job you ever had?

The one I have now. I'm a fine arts director and a graphic designer. I get paid to be creative. How awesome is that? I help teenagers rehearse for a big fine arts competition ever summer, I direct a drama team (in which I get to write all their material) and then I create art for a church and for The Wild Rose Press.

3. Have you ever crawled through a window?

Yes, I was 15, and I decided to crawl through my friend's window down the street. I snuck her out and we hung out in her backyard. The next night, she did the same thing to me...only her mom found out and came looking for her. She was never allowed to hang out with me again. So sad. :(

4. What is something most people don't know about you?

I made a living as a model right after I got out of the Army. I think after crawling around in the mud for three years, I needed to feel pretty. LOL

5. Who would you cast to play you in a movie?

Brooke Shields or Anne Hathaway. I get accused of looking like them ALL the time. Brooke more when I was younger, but I get Anne now all the time. They're both animate like me too.

Thanks so much for answering our questions, Kimberlee! (And, man, do I have celebrity-lookalike envy--no one has ever mistaken me for Anne Hathaway or Brooke Shields!)

Read an excerpt from Kimberlee's Trick to Treat here--and be sure to leave a comment on this blog to be entered in our drawing to win a copy of the Trick to Treat eBook!

BLURB: Sarah Bradley has wanted to hang with the popular kids since her freshman year, and now she has the chance. All she has to do is survive a Halloween scavenger hunt with the "in" crowd. When the girls lock her in a haunted mansion, she feels the trick is on her. Then she meets Matt and begins to believe that maybe she got a treat after all. But what if "love" is part of the game?


ladystorm said...

I love the five on Friday thats a cool concept. The book sounds interesting too.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cool interview, Kim & Blaize! Fun questions and terrific answers.

I also love the Halloweeny look of the site.


Linda Kage said...

I used to hate waiting too. But then I met my hubby, who--I swear--has the life mission to make EVERYONE wait on him. So, these days, as long as I have a book with me to read, I can deal.

And graphic designing sounds cool, but not as cool as being in the army and then modeling. Wow. What a neat life.

Blaize said...

Thanks, Ladystorm! Just send me an e-mail (blaizerose[dot]cr[at]gmail[dot]com) if you want to be one of our Five on Friday interviewees!

Kimberlee said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and participating. I agree Linda, a book or pad of paper do make the waiting easier :)
Have a happy fall!