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Chatting with Nancy Lindley-Gauthier

We're just a few days from the release of Spinning the Baiji by Nancy Lindley-Gauthier (eBook available October 7) and I'm thrilled to have Nancy here for a chat!

Lin Li has no memory of a time before she loved SunLee. He is an old-fashioned sort of man, practicing tai chi and communing with the river creatures as in times of old. She knows he is promised to another, still, she secretly shares his dawns. She wishes to stop time and stay forever on the leaf-spattered trail where their lives entwine.

The day approaches when the mighty Yangtze River's current will still, and the finest things in her life must end. Her love for SunLee, like the unimaginable beauty of the Yangtze lotus, will fall away to no more than myth.

Sorrow brings her the last of the baiji. The magic of the white river dolphin offers her a lyrical world of love, but perhaps, not her one love...

Thanks for stopping by, Nancy! For people who may never have heard the term, what is a baiji and how is the word pronounced?
'Ba-hee' is the local name given to the Yangtze River Dolphin - creatures that are, even now, slipping into the realm of myth. At rare moments, some still visit the river that was their home... but most are simply gone, perhaps to the same realm as the Chinese Dragon.
That's so sad! Can you tell us about your heroine, Lin Li?
Lin understands the old ways and treasures the culture that is fading away, largely because the Three Gorges Dam is flooding her family's ancestral home. Yet, Sunlee, the love of her life, is moving to the new city - and leaving behind all that is precious; from the magical dolphins, to their homes and the beauty of nature along the river banks.
Where does your interest in Chinese culture come from?
Oddly enough, as a long time student of Tai Chi and related arts, I'm intrigued by the legends surrounding their beginnings - and often think how events in our times will be remembered. I look out at our wonderful, natural vistas, and think how every single one of us should try in some way, to protect a little piece of the natural world.
Why do you want to write YA?
Because I love to Read YA.(I harbor a deep suspicion that many adults enjoy reading YA.) There is often a wonderful quality of exploring and discovering in works for teens and tweens. I love that element of surprise, and the fact that YA books, in any genre, tend to be genuine and original.
What kind of books did you like reading when you were a teenager?
I read a huge variety, from Tolkein-type fantasy to romance and mystery. As a horse lover, I read every single Dorothy Lyons book I could find...and through all those Trixie Belden mysteries I hoped like mad that Jim Frayne would actually start dating Trixie!
You and me both, Nancy! *sigh* When a reader finishes a book by Nancy Lindley-Gauthier, what do you hope she takes away from it?
Take away a moment of different perception; appreciate whatever it is that you treasure in this world. I loved Flipper as a child... and realized only as an adult that I could vacation in spots where I'd get to see wild dolphins at play, or hop on a boat and go for a sail. I have loved discovering all about different dolphin species. I wished I'd seen a real "Baiji' before they all left us. I hope I will still get to see one of the Boto of the Amazon River one day. I've written two short stories that feature different types of dolphins - Perwinkle Way, set on Captiva Island Florida, and Spinning the Baiji set along the Yangztee River banks. I hope to produced a full-length novel featuring Beluga Whales. It might not be specifically focused on the YA audience, but I hope it will include the best elements of any great YA: fresh perspective and originality.
Thanks for the great answers, Nancy. I'm looking forward to your blog posts next week!


Lynn said...

I read Periwinkle Way and thought it was a great story. I always look forward to anything Nancy writes.

Anonymous said...

Great interview, Nancy and Susan! Can't wait until Baiji releases! I'm sure you can't either.


Mary Ricksen said...

This book sounds great and so different a novel idea for a book!
Sad about the dolphins, man, we are so foolish to let this happen.

Ilona Fridl said...

Great interview, Nancy. I know what you mean about promoting. Your book sounds so interesting. Good luck with it!

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Hey Nancy,
I love your cover and your story idea. Both are very original. :)

Trixie Belden!!! Loved those books. I haven't thought about her in years. I just may need to scour my attic boxes for her and reread some. I'm sure my teen daughter would think the stories lame, but I loved them.