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Cats, Cakes, and Movies of the Season

Continuing with our cat theme from yesterday (you did download Dead Cat Smell, didn't you?) today we've got a purr-fectly (I should have resisted the urge to type that, shouldn't I?) delicious Halloween recipe:

Kitty Litter Cake

How awesome is that? All you need are a few cake mixes, a kitty litter box (eww, unused of course!) and a pooper scooper (also unused, please) to serve it with. Check out the recipe here but be prepared--the author says people generally don't eat too much of this cake. Something about the visual gets in the way, I guess!

And if you want cat-appropriate movies to go along with your feline fun, how about this duo:

The original, Jacque Tourneur 1942 version of Cat People starring Simone Simon ("She knew strange, fierce pleasure that no other woman could feel!")

And the 1944 follow-up The Curse of the Cat People also starring Simone Simon ("The Black Menace Creeps Again!") How purr-fect! (Gah, I did it again!)

So, what's your favorite Halloween recipe? Your must-see movie? Leave me a comment and tell me about it. Everyone who comments this week will be entered into a drawing to win Kimberlee R. Mendoza's Halloween eBook Trick to Treat!


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I'm with you! I don't think I could eat that cake!