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Branching Out - chatting with H of About Books!

We're branching out here at Climbing Rose with a new Interview Feature. We'd like to get to know as many wonderful book bloggers as we can--and today I'm chatting with "H." of About Books. H. is from the United Kingdom and reviews mostly teenage fiction. But I'll let her tell you about herself in her own words:

"I am a teen who reads too many good books not to share! I love to read, write, draw, paint, see films, go to the theatre, take photos and generally enjoy my life with great people, avoiding studying unless absolutely necessary."

Blaize: Thanks so much for stopping by, H! Can you tell us something about your reading tastes? What genre is your favorite?

H: My favourite genre is historical fantasy, though I’ll read almost anything (except horror or really cheesy romances). Looking at my blog, I haven’t reviewed that much fantasy, but it’s definitely my favourite to read.

B: When is your favorite time or where is your favorite place to read?

H: It’s completely stupid, but even if I get a book during the day and I’m free, I don’t really start reading it until late evening and then usually don’t stop until I’ve finished it, which makes for many late nights. And I read in my bed, though I also sit on the floor. I’m a restless reader, so I’ll move places several times while reading a book.

B: How many books do you read at a time?

H: I’m ashamed to say too many to keep track of. I can read a book straight through, and usually do, but occasionally I’ll stop a third of the way through and these partially-read books begin to pile up. I have at least nine that I’m reading at the moment.

B: Do you have a YA pet peeve?

H: My biggest peeve is that so many YA books nowadays are the ‘first in a series.’ These aren’t even series in the old-fashioned sense where, while the books are all connected, there are separate story arcs for each book. They are just one tangled storyline spread out over as many books as the publisher will buy, always leaving on a cliff-hanger in the hope that people will want to read on, so the story never ends, it just gets dropped. I want to see more first-time authors with stand-alone novels.

B: I totally agree, H! Thanks so much for chatting with us--and I hope everyone checks out your fabulous About Books blog!

If you'd like to chat with us, we'd love to hear from you! Drop me a line at blaizerose [dot] cr [at] gmail [dot] com. Have a great weekend, everybody!


Kate said...

Superb interview =D
I hate that there are a lot of books in series nowadays too. I mean if it's really good and their separate, it is wicked (like HP).

Blaize said...

I agree, Kate! And there's nothing worse than picking up the 2nd or 3rd book in a series (without realizing it) and not being able to figure out any of it!

Vampire Girl said...

Wow H has inspired me to start my own blog and start reviewing some of the amazing books I have read. Im 16 too and my life is pretty much centered around books and horses. There is not one moment of a day you won't see me without a book of some sort, especially the paranormal type books.

Blaize said...

That's so cool, Vampire Girl!