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WOW - Great Review for WMKE

Fern at Long and Short Reviews loved When Mike Kissed Emma by Christine Marciniak:

Christine Marciniak has provided all the classic elements: The “rebel”, the girl that adores him in secret, the high school musical, and the cast of characters that make it memorable. There is even an aptly dubbed “Snack Shack” and a vintage 1941 Indian Chief motorcycle. It’s a modern day story with a retro feel, something you no longer find on the bookshelves. The plot doesn’t revolve around new clothes, being the most popular girl in school, or snagging the homecoming crown. This is a lesson in learning about who you are, and more importantly, who brings out the person inside you want to be.
How fabulous is that? Almost as fabulous as the book itself--here's a reminder just how fab WMKE is:

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Christine M said...

It's very exciting to get a review like that! Totally made my day!