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Thank you for all the support you've given the Climbing Rose Young Adult line of The Wild Rose Press. Our stories are still available on The Wild Rose Press website, however, since we aren't publishing new stories, our blog is no longer active. We thank you again for the time you spent with us and invite you to visit our Climbing Rose bookstore.

Pick a Favorite

We have some amazingly talented authors here at Climbing Rose--and some amazingly talented cover artists too--and some amazingly talented people are both authors and cover artists!

A couple of weeks ago, I highlighted the artistry of author Kimberlee R. Mendoza and her Russell Family series. Today, I'm spotlighting Tara West, author and cover artist of the Whispers series. (Read all about Whispers on Tara's website.)

Tara not only wrote the three wonderful books of the Whispers series, Sophie's Secret, Don't Tell Mother, and Krysta's Curse, but she also designed the covers using her own photography. How amazing is that?

Pretty cool, huh? Got a favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know--and check out the Whispers series in our Climbing Rose store. And for a fab free read from the series, check out Dead Cat Smell on The Wild Rose Press website.

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