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Cool Stuff for Monday

Don't have a Kindle or an iPhone but still want the electronic reading experience? Like the idea of a book group and want to discuss your latest read with other readers, but no coffee house is handy? Clearly, you need a virtual book club and I just happen to know of one:

What's Book Glutton? Well, I'll let them tell you:

Our intent: build an experience that is simultaneously a book group, a computer, and a book. We believe firmly that people want to read, annotate and discuss, right there, immersed in the text. That’s the best time to talk about a book. We also respect the solitary side to reading: people should have the chance to tune out the community. We wanted it to be attractive, too; to be an experience. It was designed for the laptops people carry to their coffee shops, and meant for the network, not the desktop.
It's an online book club (a free online book club) where once you sign up for a free account, you can pick a book to read, pick a group to join, open your online reader, and start reading, annotating and communicating with fellow readers.

Now that's some seriously cool stuff. Going to join? Or want to start a group (to read, oh say, one of our fab Climbing Rose books?) Leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail: blaizerose [dot] cr [at] gmail [dot] com.


Shelley/Book Fanatic said...

What a great idea! I am going to check it out!

Blaize said...

It looks like fun, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by, Shelley.