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Sunflowers Fading, but Holding Fast

Unfortunately, my beautiful sunflowers are starting to fade. They reach a point where they achieve a pinnacle of height, and then the sunflower, being so heavy, starts to droop on the stalk. This first photo, at left, is the patch of mammoth sunflowers that I planted in the front small garden. The close up of the sunflower in the photo below, is what a sunflower looks like after the bees finish with it and after the birds have plucked out its seeds.

This is a close-up (below) of a smaller type of sunflower. It's still blooming and, because the flower is not massive, it will not cause the stalk to droop.

I am lucky in that rabbits and deer don't eat my sunflowers up, but the only negative about living in a village area is the fact that people will walk by and tear off flowers. Someone tore one of my mammoth sunflowers off its stalk the other day, so all I have left is an enormous stalk and no sunflower.

And this last one (for today) shows a sunflower drooping. Again, all these photos were taken from the front view of the house. Tomorrow I will show you the sunflowers in the side garden.

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