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More from Baiji author Nancy Lindley-Gauthier

Nancy Lindley-Gauthier, fab author of our Waiting on Wednesday feature Spinning the Baiji, just sent me this note:

How exciting is it to see Spinning the Baiji at the top of the Climbing Rose Coming Soon page! The Three Gorges dam, closing off the Yangtze River, is changing the lifestyles of people, and impacting a number of creatures. Culture, myth, and magic all collide in this well as celebration of love. A lyrical, older, more exotic world-sense infuses this quite contemporary tale. Lin's love must be enough to surpass... oh but that would be telling!

Did the Baiji truly leave us? If they have, they've still left us with some magic ---their cousins, the Boto. In the depths of the Amazon, the Boto don't long to escape to another world...they put on an wide-brimmed hat, and walk among us. Perhaps, these enchanted creatures will be able to change our world...

For a fun, short & summer-y read available right now, try Periwinkle Way... and look for Spinning the Baiji on October 7th!

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Thanks for the extra info, Nancy!

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Jennifer Ross said...

It does sound great! Good luck, Nancy.