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How it Feels to Open your First Box of Author Books!

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday! I pre-ordered my author copies of House of Wacks on July 28, and after obsessively following the tracking schedule for UPS, my books arrived on August 7 at 11:45 a.m. God, was I thrilled!
When RJ advised that my author copies were available for order, I checked with my husband to see if he was okay with me ordering twenty to start, and he said that I could order thirty copies. Money's been a little tight this summer, and I'd been thinking I would start with an order of twenty, but I was very pleased by his support. He basically said that we're going to need plenty of extra copies to give away to family members!
Both my mother-in-law and my mother read my books. My mother edits them, too.
Anyway, the UPS guy arrived and I opened the front door. He said, "You must have been expecting me," and I grinned. He carried my box of books to me! Oh, my lovely, lovely box of books! I brought the box into my study and my hubby took out a pocket-knife to cut the tape. It was like opening an amazing present. My books were neatly stacked and supported on both sides by crumpled paper and a slat of cardboard down the middle. I took out only one copy and Doug (my husband) took a photo of me grinning like a maniac, holding my book, then he took another picture of me holding the box.
I have a writer friend who published a nonfiction book a few years ago on baseball. When his book of author books arrived, he wanted to be alone with them to savor the moment. I wanted my husband with me; due to his support, I've been able to become a published author.


Bianca said...

Oh that is amazing!!!

I can totally imagine you keeping track of the UPS truck. I would do that to, if I was having copies of MY book being deliver!

Becke Davis said...

I am so thrilled for you -- I want to see that picture of you holding the book!

Blaize said...

Congrats, Denise! I know everybody is looking forward to holding House of Wacks!