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Countdown for WMKE - That Magical First Kiss

We're counting down to the release of When Mike Kissed Emma, and today author Christine Marciniak is giving us her thoughts on that all-important first kiss!
When Prince Charming kissed Snow White she woke from her death-like sleep and knew that she had found true love.

When Prince Charming kissed Sleeping Beauty, she woke from her death-like sleep and knew that she had found true love.

When Prince Charming kissed Cinderella – wait, did they actually kiss or did she just fit the shoe?

You know what I’m noticing here? Prince Charming really gets around.

But also that a kiss has long been regarded as something magical.

And, while there’s no magic involved in When Mike Kissed Emma, there is a kiss (I’m not really giving any secrets away by mentioning that.) Since this isn’t a fairy tale, there isn’t that instant recognition that they are destined to be together for life. But it does make them look at each other in a new way.

Because in their own ways first kisses are magical. They make your heart beat faster and maybe make your palms sweat. They can make your insides swoop around like a butterfly coming in for a landing.

There’s that moment right before you kiss, when you realize it’s going to happen and your heart beats wildly in anticipation. And the moment when it ends and you wish it could have lasted forever.

So think about your first kiss with that special someone and then read When Mike Kissed Emma to find out what did happen when Mike kissed Emma.
*sigh* How romantic is that? When Mike Kissed Emma releases tomorrow--don't forget to pick up a copy!


beth said...

Aw! How sweeet!

(and you're right! Prince Charming *does* get around!!!)

PJ Hoover said...

I am getting so excited, Chris! There is nothing like that first kiss!

Kath said...

Great post! I cant wait to read this one, sounds so romantic!! =)

Christine M said...

Beth - doesn't Prince Charming pop up a little too often in these stories?

PJ - you're right, there's nothing quite like that first kiss!

Kath - Thanks and I hope you enjoy the book!