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Countdown for WMKE - In the Beginning

OK, WMKE sounds like a radio station, I know, but it's really When Mike Kissed Emma which is an awesome title for a book but way too long for a blog post title! Anyway, Christine Marciniak, author of WMKE, is off on a fab vacation this week, so I'll be posting her thoughts as we countdown to the release of WMKE on Friday. So here's her take on how WMKE got started:

I very clearly remember the day I started writing the story. It was October of my freshman year of high school, a Wednesday I think. A friend had come home from school with me, but her mother had picked her up. I went inside and sat on the orange sofa in our family room and picked up a piece of paper and a clipboard. Then with my Eraser-mate pen, Brady Bunch playing in the background, I wrote the first sentence.
“More kids were trickling into the brick building.”

It was a story about a girl at a boarding school. The girl’s name was Casey and she was (in my own words) “extremely rich, extremely pretty, and extremely friendly.”

During the course of the story Casey rescued a small child from a burning building and was temporarily blinded. She got better.

The story ran about thirty pages. I typed it up and showed it to my friends. And to a person they all said. “It can’t end there. That’s not a good place to end the story.”

(I can’t find the original short story so I don’t recall exactly what was so horrible about the ending)

So, I didn’t end it there. I kept writing—all through high school. I graduated and so did Casey.

The story went through many (and I mean many) permutations until one day, many years later, I was working on a version that involved a love triangle with Casey (now called Meg) and her ex-boyfriend and a new boyfriend and it all centered around the school play.

A friend of mine—the same one who had been at my house the day I started the story—said to me “Don’t kill me, but I think you can take out this whole triangle thing and have a separate story—it’s more than just a subplot—it can be its own book.”

She’s a very smart friend. She even pulled the scenes out and put them all together in one document so I could see what she meant. I changed the character’s names and Meg became Emma and Jim became Mike and I changed a few other things around as well. My friend read it and suggested I call it When Mike Kissed Emma.

And I did.

Great story, Christine! I can't wait for everybody to read WMKE!


PJ Hoover said...

WMKE has to be one of the books with the best stories behind it. I love how it was spawned!

beth said...

Wow--that is a seriously awesome friend!

Christine M said...

Spawned is a great word for it, PJ.

And Beth - that friend is Liz B, who blogs over at A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy!