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Chatting with Christine Marciniak

Today I'm chatting with Christine Marciniak, author of this week's Climbing Rose release, When Mike Kissed Emma.
Emma Landon has a plan: she's going to be in the high school musical and sing the most romantic song possible to her boyfriend. She's not looking for the lead, just a decent part where she and Trevor can dance together on stage. The plan starts to unravel when she gets the starring role, and playing opposite her is not her perfect boyfriend, but the school loner, Biker Mike. When Mike kisses Emma at the school dance, everything changes. Emma must figure ut what is more important—the way things look or something deeper.
Welcome to the blog, Christine! I know what a busy, exciting week this is for you with your book releasing, so thanks for taking the time to chat. Can you tell us about your heroine, Emma?

Emma is full of confidence, maybe a little too much. She’s got the world figured out and she knows where she stands in it. Or at least she thinks she does. She’s a junior in high school who has had good roles in the school musicals and fully expects to get a good role in the next one as well (although she assumes the lead will go to a senior). She has a boyfriend who also has been in the musicals and he writes her poetry and is generally just what she thinks she likes in a boyfriend.
Were you ever in your high school musical?

I was not in one of my high school musicals. I was in the Eighth Grade Production at my middle school – with a small featured part, but no musical solo. Freshman year of high school I tried out for the play (The Sound of Music) and did not get a part. I was discouraged and didn’t try out again other years (I didn’t have nearly the confidence Emma does). I did work back stage on the musicals for most of high school though – so although I wasn’t acting in them, I was a part of the action.

I have a lot of great memories from working on the crew of the plays, everyone – cast and crew tended to get very close. And of course being on the crew is a lot more laid back than in the cast – no lines to memorize and when you go on stage to change scenes it’s generally dark. I enjoyed being a behind the scenes kind of person.
You dedicated the book to Adrian because when he kissed you everything changed - you know you have to tell us about that!
Let me start by saying that Adrian is my husband. We’ve been married now for 15 years. We met in college and were friends for about a year and half before we started dating. We were not two people that anyone could really see getting together, in fact when we did, the news was met by shocked disbelief by many of our friends. But then, one day, we kissed – and the rest is history.
Why do you want to write YA?

Teens are figuring out who they are and what their place is in the world. I like writing about that.
What kind of books did you like reading when you were a teenager?

I had a tendency to like realistic-type fiction, I was never much into mysteries or fantasy (with the notable of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series and anything to do with Camelot). I also really enjoyed Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear and the sequels and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books by Douglas Adams. More YA-centered books I read included The Keeping Days series by Norma Johnston, the Canby Hall series by Emily Chase.
When a reader finishes a book by Christine Marciniak, what do you hope she takes away from it?
I’d like a reader to finish the book and feel that she was able to inhabit a different world for awhile. I’d hope she’d feel like the characters had become. I don’t write books that have any particular message or agenda other than it’s important to be true to yourself.
Thanks so much for stopping by, Christine. And thanks for being our guest blogger this week--I know everyone's looking forward to your posts...and of course, to the release of When Mike Kissed Emma!


Christine M said...

Thank you so much for interviewing me and for allowing me to guest post this week. It should be a great week!

Danielle said...

I've had my eye on this book for a while :) The summary makes the book sound great! Hopefully I'll be able to review it soon!

Great interview and blog, by the way.

Blaize said...

Thanks, Danielle! And thanks for stopping by!

Christine M said...

Thanks Danielle, I hope you enjoy the book!