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Thursday Link-Up

What are Climbing Rose authors talking about this week?

Christine Marciniak, author of our upcoming release When Mike Kissed Emma (best title ever) is blogging about Putting Yourself in the Story:
It was in middle school that I really started to write longer stories. There was one in particular that got quite long and involved. I'm not sure of the exact location of the story right now - though I know I have it somewhere.
The Wolfy Chicks, Judith Graves and Kitty Keswick, are blogging about a new TV show that is right up their alley:
A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf are flatmates... sounds like a start to a joke, right? It isn't. It's a new series on BBC & BBC America.
Kiki Lon is excited about a great review for her fab book, Enter the Parrot:

"Enter the Parrot reads like a movie, and I think Hollywood needs to get on the case. Jade’s character is funny and sarcastic."

And finally, here's an idea for library hounds (like me). Eva and Marg over at A Striped Armchair host a weekly event called Library Loot that encourages bloggers to post the treasures they've checked out from the library. So check out (get it? check out?) their post and maybe post your own Library Loot. Later!


Melanie Mastracola said...

I cant wait for that show to come out on bbc it sounds awesome! Im even gonna record it on dvr, lol

Blaize said...

I'll have to wait for the DVD--don't get those channels :( but it does sound awesome!

ali said...

I'll have to check out that show!

Christine M said...

Thanks for the link! Today I'm listing several first lines and you can guess which one is the real first line from When Mike Kissed Emma!