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Thursday Link-up

What are Climbing Rose authors talking about this week?

Christine Marciniak, author of the upcoming CR release, When Mike Kissed Emma, is blogging about her daughter's new braces:
Now that they're on though she's lamenting the things she won't be able to eat and he extra work involved in brushing them. Besides, 2 and 1/2 years looks like quite a long time when your standing at the beginning of it.

Laurie J. Edwards, one of our Summer Lovin' authors, is blogging about living out your dream:
One tiny step in the direction of your dreams would mean you were that much closer every week. No dream is impossible. Some may take longer to reach than others, but they’re all worth every bit of time and effort you put into them.

Bonnie J. Doerr, author of the upcoming, Island Sting, is blogging about Treachery in the Garden:
But he’d not only heard, he’d glimpsed that majestic feathered hunter and the sight left him terrorized. I explained that one of our resident red shouldered hawks was telling the other she’d spied dinner—likely, the small, quiet, long-eared creature in the clover.

And if you're a writer, check out Deb Logan's round-up of writing articles:
I've run across some excellent articles on writing-related subjects in the last few days. I hope you'll find them interesting.

And finally, over at We Love YA (another home of our own Kiki Lon) Vanessa Barneveld is chatting with her fellow Golden Heart finalists in the YA category:
Now, why is the GH such a big deal? After a preliminary round where manuscripts are judged by peers, the field is whittled down to one hundred books and read by acquiring editors. The competition has a great reputation for launching finalists into publication, whether they win or not.

Go check it out to read about the future stars of YA.


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