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Not Facebook, Not MySpace, so where are you?

This is a fascinating (well, that might be a little strong--call it intriguing) item. Seems like younger people are fleeing Facebook, according to Facebook's own estimates:

How fickle are kids these days? Just when all the grown ups started figuring out Facebook, college and high school users have declined in absolute number by 20% and 15% respectively in a mere six months, according to estimates Facebook provides to advertisers that were archived for tracking by an outside firm. Facebook users aged 55 and over have skyrocketed from under 1 million to nearly six million in the same time period. There are more Facebook users over 55 years old today than there are high school students using the site.
The decline of MySpace has been well documented, so the question is, if teens have abandoned MySpace and are leaving Facebook, where are they going? Twitter?

What social networking sites do you use? Are you still on Facebook and MySpace? Or are you exclusively Tweeting these days? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Laurie Larsen said...

Probably because once the teens know Mom and Dad are on Facebook, they no longer want to be there! I know my son thinks it's wierd that I have my own FB account. It must no longer be cool if Mom is doing it!