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Great Review for Enter the Parrot!

Enter the Parrot by our own Kiki Lon just got a great review from You Gotta Read reviews! They gave it a "You Gotta Read" rating (highest one, of course) and the review said:

I would definitely recommend this book; there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t enjoy about it. It is definitely one of the best and most original Young Adult books I have read this year.
Way to go, Kiki!

If you haven't picked up your copy yet (and why is that, exactly?) here's the scoop on Enter the Parrot:

Meet Jade, the White girl in the Wong family. On the surface, Jade fits in perfectly. But just below the surface lurks the fragrance of ginger, ginseng, and a secret kung fu society. When her crazy grandpa's deluded parrot goes missing, Jade must dive deep into the seedy underbelly of Chinatown to find him, keeping secrets from her best friends and her cute eco-mentor, Cedric: a.k.a. the hottest guy in school.

She'll need her wits about her to solve the riddle, especially when more than one bird goes missing. Could TF, the hot Chinese guy with the washboard abs, hold the key to the mystery? One girl. One parrot. One ancient kung fu mystery. Got kung fu?


H said...

This sounds really fun. I love the cover so much!

Blaize said...

Thanks for stopping by, H!