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From Idea to Bookshelf

Now that my new book, The Chronicles of Casey V is available for sale online, people are starting to read it. I know, I know, that's the whole point of getting a book published -- getting your stories out there, available to the public. And even after five books, the whole process of moving a book from the idea stage to the point where it's sitting on people's bookshelves, is absolutely amazing to me.
I mean, let's think about this: one day in the shower, or while I'm driving (these are my two best idea-generating activities -- driving and showering -- I haven't a clue why) an idea pops into my brain. Usually a vague premise for a story. It appears in the form of two characters, usually the hero and the heroine, and a "what if" scenario:
What if a teenager accepts her first job and it throws her WAY out of her comfort zone, requiring her to do stuff she's not good at? What if she develops a huge crush on another camp counselor, but everytime he's around, she makes a total fool out of herself? What if one of the campers she's responsible for suffers a terrible injury that Casey could have prevented? What if one of her best friends back home is going through a majorly traumatic experience -- how would Casey help her?

And from there, I start plotting -- usually with a yellow legal pad. I agonize over ideas -- I lock myself away in my room, talk out loud, get frustrated, push my imagination for something better, something bigger. I sigh a lot. I tell myself I'll never have a unique, original plot. I get coffee and chocolate and pick up the legal pad again. It's hard work! But I end up writing an outline, sort of like you do in high school when writing a paper. Before you know it, I have a few chapters outlined with bullet points of major scenes -- and then I just can't wait to start writing.
I write and I write. I read it and rewrite. I revise, and ask others to read it and give me their opinions. Finally it's the best I can make it, and I send it out for submission. The editor provides her suggestions too -- all with the hopes of making this the best possible book it can be.
Fast forward MONTHS later after all the editing, art work, copyrights, permissions, everything is done -- till NOW. Release week. The first time the book is available to anyone and everyone who wants to read it. MY characters, MY ideas, MY words now out in front of everyone. People talking about Casey and Zander like they are real people! Telling me what they loved, what they laughed at, and what they cried at.
It never gets old. Never. It's why writers do what they do. Over and over again.
Hey, it's been so much fun blogging with you this week. Have a fantastic summer and happy reading!!!
Laurie Larsen


Blaize said...

I love hearing what goes into creating a book. Thanks for sharing with us, Laurie, and thanks for all the great blogs!

June said...

Congrats on the release of The Chronicles of Casey V, Laurie.

I laughed when you said you get your ideas in the shower or driving, cause that happens to me too!

Looking forward to reading Casey V!


Laurie Larsen said...

Thanks for having me this week, Blaize! It was a lot of fun.

Thanks, June! I loved Ordinary Me, so let me know what you think of Casey. :)

Judith Graves said...

Congrats on the release, Laurie! I enjoyed your posts.

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